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VooPoo DRAG 2 Review- Features, Design Quality, and More

voopoo drag 2

The VooPoo DRAG 2 review is meant to be helpful to anyone who’s looking to buy the device and wants to know the best information available in one place, which I’ve spent hours compiling through research. The review can also be helpful if you already own the VooPoo DRAG 2 mod and want to know more about it to get even more out of it or decide if it’s worth selling and upgrading to another mod with more features or better performance.

The Voopoo Drag 2

voopoo drag

The VooPoo DRAG 2 is the version of the VooPoo DRAG release afterwards when the original one left such a substantial impact on the industry. That they felt they had to develop an upgraded version. With increased power output, this product shrinks in size and reduces its weight. Furthermore, the drag 2 voopoo uses the GENE FIT chipset. Washich is the next evolution of the GENE. This chip is unique because it has been in development for 15 months. Adjusting this process maximizes the device’s performance by looking at the battery life, flavour, and vapor clouds. The FIT function helps you avoid burnout, improves the device and coil life span, and provides stable performance. If you’re curious about how good this design is, you can go through this article and find out.

Build and Design quality

drag 2

The VooPoo 2’s priority is its outward appearance. In this way, the device comes in eight different varieties of the resin type and features the word DRAG emblazoned on the side. In shape, this box stands at 8.8 cm high, 5.1 cm wide, and 2.6 cm deep. But these dimensions seem to work well for this unit. The front side panel features two circular adjustment buttons and a big fire button near the rectangular-shaped screen, and the black finish on this part harmonizes with the overall mod. The tank is placed in the middle of the deck. And it is attached with a mouthpiece to look like panels.

It generally looks good, but because it is different, it avoids overcomplicating things. Usually, you will use the central part of the device – the panel in front and the screen. Also, you will be surprised by the good grips. Though the OLED display is less elaborate than that of other devices, it has the advantage of ensuring that It can read important information without difficulty. The primary setting appears on the right-hand side of the screen, with two battery indicators on the left. The left panel on the device has a resistance, voltage, and puff timer next to it. The buttons appear small but are durable and easy to operate.

Vapor and flavour quality

The device includes the UForce T2 tank, which operates with the top-fill tank and cap. It is easy to refill, and you need to unscrew the base to change the coils. The glass tubes hold a 5ml capacity, but the voopoo drag 2 kit includes a 3.5ml variation. It can hold a good amount of liquids. That can last you for a long time, and it has three holes that you can adjust for both MTL and DTL vaping styles. Depending on your preferences, the MTL is great for creating massive amounts of vapor, while the DTL provides more flavorful experiences and the most robust taste. You are guaranteed satisfaction when you settle on either one.

Battery and charging

voopoo drag coil

This device needs two 18650 batteries that go in the bottom through the battery gate and a fitted battery door that comes with magnets to secure the battery to prevent it from rattling or falling out. It depends on how often you vape, a battery could last for a full day, as long as it is fully charged with an entire pod. If you are a heavy vaper, you will find that the unit will quickly lose power. On the other hand, if you use the team sparingly, you can expect to go 2-3 days without charging it. For optimal performance, make sure that you recharge it as necessary. When the drag vape mod runs out of power, you can charge it with the USB charging port at the bottom of the unit. The device can charge to full power in less than two hours.

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Ease of use

Unlike with mods, the only issue you have to deal with clearomizers is replacing the coil and adding more liquid to them. Both are simple processes. On the other hand, top-fill entails a bit more effort as you have to manually lift the top cap, open the juice bottle, and insert the bottle’s spout into the cap. Once you’ve filled the desired amount of liquid, close the lid. To change coils, you’ll have to unscrew the tank and remove the coil from the base when it’s empty. Replace it with a new one, prime it, and start vaping. Generally, the mod is straightforward to use and competitive with other options.


voopoo drag 2 mod

The VooPoo DRAG 2 mod has a quick response on VW mode. It can manage any wattage settings with ease. You will discover that vaping at 40-50W will always be your best bet. It’s proven to work well with any tank or atomizer you attach to your unit. If you want your vape to give you a harsh vape that’s tough on the inhale, you should use the UForce tank.

These tanks come with either 0.2 or 0.4-ohm coils, which produce a robust vapor and have a remarkable level of flavour output. It can hold a lot of liquid because the voopoo drag 2 coils take it so quickly. But aside from a standard sub-ohm tank, there’s not much to it. The unit seems a little old, like a VW engine. There are tweaks that can maximize the battery life, though. Among all of the flavours, all modes work well, and the standard approach is open to more freedom.

Pros and cons

This review will discuss every aspect of the VooPoo Drag 2 box mod and show why it is currently one of my favourite mods. There are so many excellent features that you should consider purchasing a VooPoo drag vaps for yourself. However, every electronic product has some downsides that users need to be aware of before making a purchase. Therefore, I will also mention a few cons in my review to help give you a complete idea of what to expect when purchasing and using your new Voopoo Drag 2 mod. For example, I do not have any issues with firmware updating. But if you don’t know how to update firmware on mods, it can be slightly confusing at first, and many people dislike learning these new things.


voopoo drag 2 coil

If you find vaping on the temperature control mode too harsh, this device is perfect for you. The DRAG 2 can be powered by 18650 batteries, which are visible when you open the magnetic panel on the side of the device, with the writing on it reading DRAG. Trust the magnets to keep the unit tight enough and replace your batteries periodically. You are likely to enjoy this vape pen and its attractive price tag. We had nothing but positive results, just like a DRAG, and it delivers. The UForce tank impresses with the triple-mesh coils. This device will bring you joy.

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