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Vapresso Gen : Why you should use this vape?

vaporesso gen
  1. The vapresso gen S kit is one of the most recent offerings from Vaporesso, a prominent vape maker. They’ve made several extremely amazing mods in the past, including the Target Mini 2, Luxe, Polar, Armour Pro, and the original Gen. Let’s see if the vaporesso gen 220w can live up to their reputation as one of the best mod developers in the industry.

The Gen S mod is a 220-watt dual-18650 battery mod that is designed to be compact and lightweight. The new NRG-S tank includes a sub-ohm tank with a big 8 mL capacity that accepts mesh coils.

I liked the design of this kit when I initially acquired it. Vaporessi gen s delivered on that promise. I also appreciate how it has a smooth, soft touch, which makes it quite comfortable to hold.

Vaporesso gen s offers slightly different dimensions for the S on their website, but it’s the same as the original Gen mod I reviewed the year ago. It’s compact, but not as few other recent dual-battery mods, such as the Swell. It’s a touch bigger, but it’s still an acceptable size for a mod that uses two 18650 batteries.

vaporesso gen s

High-quality construction and design

The Vaporesso Gen S is a well-made and well-designed mod. It’s a mainly rectangular mod that’s nonetheless incredibly comfortable to hold and has a rounded edge. It also has a silky feel. “The soft-touch casing is comprised of four layers of coating, giving it a soft rubber-like sensation while remaining smooth to the touch,” according to their website, and I have to say they aren’t lying. Like the original Gen mod, it has a 0.95-inch rectangular black and white screen on the front. I wish they’d utilized a colour screen to distinguish it from the first Gen, but it’s still incredibly clear and bright. The 510 pins are centred and worked with any atomizer I tried.

The Gen S is about the same weight as the Vandy Vape Swell, at around 107 grammes. They feature mind-boggling twelve colour possibilities. One that fades from teal to green was delivered to me, and it looks fantastic. The branding was likewise kept essential and elegant. One side has a little “Vaporesso gen nano” logo in the centre, the other side has a small “V” logo in the bottom centre, and the bottom of the mod has the Vapresso Gen S log.

A conventional magnetic side-plate-style battery door is used. The batteries are well-fitting and simple to install, and there’s a ribbon within the tray to assist you in removing them. The tray is made of plastic, and the door is coated with a warning about not utilizing batteries with broken wrappers (or “broken skins,” as they describe them). Well done, and I’m always glad to see safety at the top of the priority list. The magnets are strong, the battery door fits perfectly with no play, and the bottom of the mod has a small notch to aid removal. All in all, a job well done. The only button that rattles is the fire button, and it’s pretty tiny.

vaporesso gen mod


The mod makes use of a standard TCR that may be adjusted in all modes. It has pretty much every mode imaginable, and then some, to the point of being obnoxious. These features are nice to have, but all you need is in the DIY mode menu, where I like to stay. I’m not sure what a Pulse mode is for, and Super Player mode is simply power mode with lower minimum resistance.

Making use of the Vaporesso Gen S

In terms of the menu, it’s standard vaporesso gen mod fare. There is a dedicated menu button between plus and minus buttons, just like the Gen. It’s pretty straightforward to use. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s going on:

  • To turn it on and off, press the fire button five times.
  • To access the menu, press the menu button three times.
  • Scroll up and down to accept the menu and mode.
  • To exit the menu, press the fire button.
  • To lock the adjustment buttons, press three times on the fire button (mod can still fire).
  • After selecting the mode, TCR and power changes are made.

Performance in the power mode

The Axon chip is used in the vaporesso gen kit, as it was in the original Vapresso Gen, but their prior mods used the Omni chip. Despite not receiving the acclaim it deserved, the Omni was one of the best chips in vaping. In addition, the Axon chip performs remarkably similar to the one in the first Gen. Which indicating that the programming was upgrade rather than the hardware.

The maximum wattage is given as 220 watts. However, there is no mention of a volt or amp limit. I wish they’d put all three of them on their website. The maximum power achieved during my testing was 211. Therefore the 220-watt figure is adequate. It was possible that it could have reached 220 at some point.

The amp limit I received was 39 amps, which is typical for a dual-battery mod nowadays. The average is roughly 40 amps, plus or minus a few. With a 0.64-ohm coil, I received a volt limit of 9.257, greater than other dual-battery mods on the market and indicating a boost circuit. I’m delight they keep it in because only gen vaporesso, Geekvape, Innokin. Aspire have done so consistently on all of their chips for the previous few years.

vaporessi gen s

Performance in temperature control

I tested four setups using SS316L wire in SS model with the TCR set to 92:

  • One single coil, circular and basic
  • One simple dual coil in a spherical shape
  • One single coil of fancy wire
  • One beautiful wire with two coils

In temperature regulation, what is gen s? The Gen has the full 220-watt limit. I obtained a warm vape about 430F, so it hits roughly 20F high—which is fine because you have enough room to modify for taste. It boasts a smooth throttle and strong dry impact protection. I receive a constant vape each time I vape, and the power allows you to control the ramp-up time. It can also handle large builds with ease. In TC mode,Vapresso Gen pretty good performer, as I’d expect from Vaporesso.

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