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Uwell Caliburn G: The Best Pod System Review

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Perfect for beginners, the UWell Caliburn G has a slim. Light design and easy-to-use features. And numerous improvements from the original Caliburn. That said. It’s not to say you might not need a few tips to make the most of your Caliburn G—and if you do, we’re here to help. Our review will show you how to use all of its best features. And answer any questions you may have about using it. The Uwell Caliburn G Pod System is the newest addition to the Uwell line of vape pods. The Caliburn line builds on the success of the previous Uwell Valyrian. Which was an innovative and high-quality pod system that I enjoyed using.

The Uwell Caliburn G

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Caliburn G is a unique little pod kit. That has been upgraded over its predecessor while maintaining its old-school simplicity. A few months ago, I reviewed and recommended The Uwell Caliburn 3. And at that time, many people (myself included) expressed their displeasure with a slight design flaw. It did not have passthrough charging. A few months later. The Uwell Caliburn has fixed that problem. It has passthrough charging now. But it also has an upgraded chipset and some other general improvements. Overall, The Uwell Caliburn is about as good as pod systems in 2019 for flavor, ease of use, and price point. It offers everything you could want from a pod system except some more power. If you are looking for something easy to use, portable and cheap, look no further than The Uwell Caliburn G.


The Uwell Caliburn G is a premium pod system designed to provide a seamless vaping experience. Unlike many other g pod systems on the market. Uwell has included a massive 1.8ml e-liquid capacity in its newest vape pod. Allowing for longer vape sessions with fewer refills. The Caliburn G’s pods have been created with patented plug and pull technology for easy filling and cleaning. And an innovative childproof mechanism. That ensures that even those without much experience can enjoy using it. And with its powerful 200mAh battery, users can look forward to all-day or longer-lasting sessions with their new favorite device.

This review will take a closer look at some of these features. And more so you can decide if it’s right for you. The Uwell Caliburn G is one of my favorite devices because it is well-designed from top to bottom. It feels great in your hand, thanks to its ergonomic shape. But I also love how lightweight it feels despite being made from high-quality materials like zinc alloy and stainless steel. This might not seem like a big deal when talking about a pod system, but trust me. It makes quite a difference compared to some of my older devices made from plastic instead.

Design Of Uwell Caliburn G

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Uwell’s new pod system features a compact, easy-to-use design. A deal, ergonomic design is becoming a common trend in pod systems, and Uwell’s new Caliburn unit takes things to an even smaller level. At 78 x 31 x 12mm (3 x 1.25 x 0.5), it might be one of the smallest 18W caliburn g vape devices on the market right now. The body is made of aluminum alloy and has a durable finish that feels great in your hand while offering a grip, so you won’t drop it when vaping on the go. With internal buttons—no fire button here—you can activate your device with two clicks for on/off and three clicks to lock/unlock your device for security. There are also LED lights under each button to let you know what mode you’re in or if your battery is low.

It comes with a magnetic USB charging cable that connects magnetically to a port at the bottom of your device. And there’s no need to remove any protective rubber caps or plastic covers before charging; plug it in and go! To add e-liquid, unscrew the top cap and fill it up using any standard e-liquid bottle. Once filled, screw back onto your device until tight. Then push down on either side of your mouthpiece and inhale. There are no adjustable airflow settings or temperature control options available here, but we don’t expect them at such a small size anyway.

Performance Of Uwell Caliburn G

The Uwell Caliburn G is a tiny, lightweight device. It features a 650mAh internal battery, 2ml pod capacity, and an adjustable airflow control system. With such a small form factor, you might expect to be able to get away with some deficiencies in its performance. And while I can’t deny that there are some trade-offs here, they aren’t necessarily apparent at first glance. The 0.8ohm mesh coil had decent flavor when used with higher nicotine concentrations.

But vapors will find themselves wanting more clouds from a sub-ohm device of its stature. Although it didn’t make much difference once set on its recommended airflow setting, it also has adjustable airflow. Overall, if you want a pocket-friendly vape that delivers good flavor for your nic salts, I would recommend giving it a try. It doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles as other devices do, but what it does have works well enough for me.

How to Use the Uwell Caliburn G?

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You will understand what makes the Uwell Caliburn G so unique. If you’re on the market for a first-rate small pod system, you will not find a better one than the Caliburn G. While waiting for your new device to come in, we’ve got your back with this quick caliburn g kit manual. However, when you’ve already gotten your new machine up and running, the printed manual will be more fun to look at than at first. To use the unwell caliburn g, you need to know how to do four things. There are four things you need to know how to do to vape.

Including learning how to charge the device and how to fill the pod. How to replace the coil, and how to vape. This is an essential part of vaping safely and enjoying it thoroughly. The manufacturer’s instructions explain these processes very clearly and should help you master them quickly and easily. This is especially true if you have experience using other devices like mods or tanks. It is also essential that you know how to clean your machine correctly after each use, as doing so will ensure that it lasts longer between replacements.

Replace the Uwell Caliburn G Coil

To replace the coil on the u well caliburn g pod, you must first remove the pod from the device. Grab the pod and lift it straight up from the device. Turn the pod upside down, and you’ll see the cylindrical atomizer coil at the bottom. Remove the old lock and install the new one. Refill the pod and place it back in the Uwell Caliburn G. Overall, you’ll be able to enjoy your Uwell Colburn G coils for a couple of days at a time. Over time, you’ll find that the flavor shifts a bit. First, you’ll taste a burst of sweetness.

Gradually, you’ll notice a mellow, caramel taste. In other words, eventually, you’ll start to detect some unusual burnt smells while vaping. When this happens, it’s time to change the coil. It’s worth maximizing the life of your Uwell Caliburn G coils by trying to use only unsweetened e-liquid. The most popular e-liquid sweetener, sucralose, creates a residue when heated that shortens coil life.


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The Uwell Caliburn is a small, portable vape system that provides decent vapor production and great flavor. The device has a strong build quality, and its pod system is convenient and easy to use. Although there are some drawbacks, such as being unable to use your e-liquid, you can’t go wrong with a device that performs as well as it does while maintaining an affordable price point. It may be perfect for beginners who want something simple, but I think even more experienced vapers will enjoy it too. So do you need a new device? Look no further than Uwell’s small but mighty caliburn vape g mod.

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