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The Ultimate Guide to the Peanut Butter Breath Strain

peanut butter breath strain

How do you get the peanut butter breath strain? Well, you eat peanut butter. And if you’re not careful about what kind of peanut butter you buy, you could be in trouble! For example, if you buy only organic peanut butter, you risk ingesting dangerous levels of mold that can cause the pbb Strain! In this guide, we will show you everything to know about the Peanut Butter Bread Strain and how to avoid it at all costs!

All About Peanut Butter Breath Strain

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The peanut butter breath strain is an Indica dominant hybrid that produces a heavy body high. The THC content in these flowers can reach up to 26%. The effects of eating or smoking peanut butter are lasting and intense. This strain is also known as peanut butter kush, PB weed, and stash. It has a sweet peanutty taste with earthy undertones. It has been described as have hints of chocolate and coffee and piney smells. Those who have tried it say it tastes like peanut butter runtz starin with a hint of skunkiness. Peanut Butter Kush was created by cross Purple Urkle X Querkle, result in an 80% Indica strain with some Sativa characteristics. Because of its genetic makeup, it tends to be more popular among recreational users than medical patients but may still provide some relief for those suffering from chronic pain.

Background and Lineage

peanut butter weed strain

Thug Pug Genetics first bred peanut butter breathe straine. It is a cross between Mendo Breath and Do-Si-Dos, two popular Northern California strains. The flower is high in THC, which can cause a fantastic body high. A clone-only Northern California strain known as peanut butter weed crossed over into Colorado and beyond.

The genetic lineage of peanut butter weed stain is unknown because multiple plants are going by that name. It is a potent Sativa-dominant hybrid strain that is a cross between Dosidos and Mendo Breath. This strain was bred by Cali Connection and is named for its peanut butter aroma. The buds are light green with orange hairs and are cover in trichomes. This strain has an earthy, sour flavor that pairs well with aromatic terpenes like pinene and limonene. The effects of Dosidos X Mendo Breath are cerebral and energetic, making it great for daytime use. Many patients use it to treat depression, fatigue, muscle spasms, stress, and pain.

Types of Peanut butter breath strain

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The strain’s relaxing effect will spread through your body in waves of pleasing euphoria and leave you feeling happily mellow. When we smoke, we get two main types of high. The first is THC-induce. This type of high results from any psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis, such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabinol (CBN). Or cannabidiol (CBD). Terpenes create the second type of high. Terpenes are natural oils in marijuana that cause a range of effects complementary to cannabinoids.

Medical benefits

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The medicinal qualities of the peanut butter mint strain include anti-anxiety, body relaxation, and appetite stimulation. It also helps to reduce stress, headache, and nausea. It can also help reduce hangovers. So, if you wake up in the morning with any hangover symptoms like nausea or a headache and don’t have any immediate plans, then Peanut Butter Breath may help. Benefits of Peanut Butter BreathStrain include an increase in appetite, relaxation, and body awareness. It is also one of the best strains for inducing sleep. Therefore, if you’re struggle with insomnia or can’t sleep for any other reason. A few hits off a joint fill with Peanut Butter Breath will probably help you get your much-need shut-eye. The potent but calming effects provide pain relief from migraines and headaches too.


pbb strain

The Peanut Butter Breath Strain is different as types, symptoms, causes, and treatments. It’s a common condition that many people have experienced at one time or another. You wake up in the morning and realize you’ve got a bit of peanut butter breath. Or maybe you just ate some delicious PB&J sandwich for lunch, and now your mouth is full of it. Either way, you need help with your peanut butter breath! Luckily, we’re here to give you some tips on treating your peanut butter breath so that it doesn’t ruin your day.


peanut butter runtz strain

The olive-shaped nugs look rugged but well cultivated. The nugs appear light green with some dark green leaves that almost look purple. The nugs are also coat in thick frosty trichomes and a few fiery orange-red pistils. The buds are dense, and they got a nice bounce to them when you squeeze them. There is very little smell from these buds. However, once you break open one of these nugs, an overwhelming scent of sweet peanut butter will fill your nostrils. This scent has describe as smell like freshly made peanut butter cookies or Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. There is also a hint of earthiness that makes it smell more like fresh dirt than anything else.


When you eat lots of peanut butter strain, a side effect is smelling like it. It’s not uncommon for someone who eats peanut butter every day to have odor-causing chemicals in their blood and urine. A study published in Food and Chemical Toxicology noted they had higher levels of hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan—two compounds associated with stinky breath. Although no study has confirmed that these findings directly translate to humans, an occasional dose or two of peanut butter isn’t going to cause too much harm; however, it could lead to social awkwardness when around others who don’t appreciate your PB breath!

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Similar Strains

Hindu kush, Kimbo Kush, Purple Hindu Kush, OG Kush, Blueberry buds, Blueberry Weed Ways to Get Rid of Peanut Butter Breath: Whether you’re a recreational or medicinal marijuana user, it’s inevitable that you will experience the munchies. As your body is stimulate by THC and other cannabinoids found in cannabis, your appetite becomes ravenous, and you craving foods high in sugar and fat.

Negative Effects

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Even if the strain is a 50/50 hybrid of Indica and Sativa, many consumers have experienced an intense Indica sensation that made them feel lethargic. The consumers also experienced dry mouths and heavy eyes. So, make sure that you drink plenty of fluid to keep yourself dehydrated. It is also a good idea to keep some snacks handy. Because of its relaxing effect, you should take it in the evening or at night when you don’t have to do any important tasks and are ready to unwind for the day. If you do not like sedated for an extended time, you might better off with a different strain if you have any ailment such as chronic pains or insomnia or anything similar and is already take some medication. Your peanut butter breath leafly must consult your doctor before consuming it.

Causes of Peanut butter breath strain

For decades, medical cannabis users have been growing their weed. Many use peanut butter as a rooting agent because it can double as food and fertilizer. While that’s not ideal, it’s common enough of a practice to warrant its strain: The Peanut Butter Kush. So how do you know when you’re getting the PBK? It starts with. Well, an awful taste in your mouth. You won’t be able to get rid of it either. This is why you’ll find many smokers refer to themselves as PBBs. Just like smoking too much bud makes your mouth taste funny, so does smoking too much peanut butter weed! When you eat or smoke peanut butter, small amounts of fat are on your tongue.

And are absorbe into your bloodstream. These fatty acids then bind to molecules in our bodies called GPR55 receptors, which help regulate appetite and metabolic processes by controlling levels of fat cells (1). As more peanut butter enters our system, these receptors become overloaded by false signals, which cause them to malfunction (2). Since these receptors are found throughout our bodies (in places such as our brains), side effects vary from person to person. However, everyone who has tried peanut butter weed will tell you one thing: That feeling that something isn’t right with their body! How long does it last?

About Growing

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Unfortunately, we couldn’t provide you any information regarding the yield or how to grow this strain as the breeder Thug Pug Genetics is quite secretive with their strains. peanut breath strain -This strain is an Indica dominant hybrid with Sativa qualities and an 80/20 THC to CBD ratio. Peanut Butter Breath Strain – While it may not be great for pain, nausea, or insomnia, it has a calming effect that will relieve your anxiety and stress while leaving you clear-headed enough to focus on your tasks.

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