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Suorin Air Plus Pod System: The Ultimate Review

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Pods are the hottest thing to happen to vape in quite some time. And it’s not just because they’re convenient and easy to use. They also provide vapers with a fantastic amount of variety. And it is letting them switch flavors at will, something that’s impossible with tank systems or vape pens. But don’t worry, the Suorin Air Plus Pod offers some of the best flavor-chasing capabilities you can find. The Suorin Air Plus Pod System makes vaping simple by providing you with a discrete, easy-to-use vape. It comes with more than a few tradeoffs to meet its shallow price point. Let’s dive right in and see what need to know about this new pod system!

A Quick Overview of Suorin Air Plus:

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The Suorin Air Plus is a pod system with a 320mAh built-in battery and 0.25ohm coil resistance. This device is designed to be used with Salt Nicotine E-Liquids. It has an airflow control feature for MTL vaping. Which allows you to customize your experience that needs. Additionally, it features temperature protection and low voltage protection for added safety. The Suorin Air Plus also has LED lights that will allow you to check if it’s working or not and indicate when there is low battery life. With its excellent design, fantastic performance, and affordable price tag, you really can’t go wrong! So what are you waiting for? Suoring air plus today, and make sure you never miss another excellent flavor profile ever again!

New Features in the Suorin Air Plus:

The most significant new feature in The Suorin Air Plus is, of course, its Bluetooth function. It’s a great idea that gives you greater control over your device. Especially if you don’t want to lose it. Therefore there’s a way for you to track down your device easily by connecting it with an app on your phone via Bluetooth. This makes it easier for you and less stressful whenever losing sight of it; thanks again to its anti-lost feature!

Another addition is that now there are more colors available like Gunmetal Grey and Rose Gold which are much more appealing. Because they look so lovely! You also get two rechargeable batteries with purchase instead of one! One battery lasts me all day long, and you can vape all evening without charging any additional devices. That’s an excellent feature for when you’re spending some time out socializing with friends and family. So much better than carrying around a charger. With all these benefits, the suorin pod makes vaping on-the-go possible, unlike other pod systems you try in the past!

How Does it Work?

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The suorin air plus pod system is a pod-based vaporizer. This means it functions similarly to a vape pen but make specifically for nicotine salts and CBD. The starter kit comes with two pods. One pre-filled with nicotine salts. And other empty so you can fill it yourself. Although it’s simple to use, there are a few things you should know before you start vaping. Because they connect directly to your phone through an app. You’ll be able to adjust your settings and customize them exactly how you want. The only downside to using a device like this one is that it doesn’t come cheap.

So if you prefer the best pod systems. Then it recommends checking out the best suorin air plus pod. Because those devices give you total control over your vaping experience. But, if the price isn’t an issue and simplicity is what you care about most, then experts suggest picking up the suorin air plus pod. It won’t disappoint!

Packaging and Design of Suorin Air Plus:

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The packaging and design of Suorin Plus pods are excellent. It’s a small box mod with a diameter of 21mm, and a height is 48mm. The design is minimalist and straightforward. On top of it, there is an LED light indicator. This light will turn on when you vape. There are 6 colors for you to choose from, making it much easier to have one that fits your style. Also worth mentioning is that if you use the sourin air plus the first time, you will get a POM drip tip along with 2 pod vapes in different flavors. That should be enough for a few puffs, and make sure whether or not it suits you.

Meanwhile, a 0.8ohm coil head, as well as a 1.2ohm coil head, comes together with each unit as well as spare pods. What vapers like about Suorin Air Plus is its charging port with a USB-C interface instead of a Micro USB port. You’ve seen it on most other e-cigarettes nowadays. Using a USB-C cable to charge your device is much more convenient than using a Micro USB cable. Because you don’t need to carry an extra cable when you travel. It’s also worth mentioning that Suorin Air Plus charges very quickly. It takes around 45 minutes to 1 hour to get a full battery after you plug it in.

Quality And Value:

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The pod system design is modern, streamline, and all-around attractive. The original Suorin Air look nice, but it was a bit clunky. The new version is lighter and sleeker, with a tap-to-fire button that lets you know at a glance if it’s ready to go. It fits more efficiently in a pocket or bag without feeling like an eyesore. While still standing out as one of the best-looking pod vapes on the market. It has a high-quality feel in your hand. It’s heftier than some competitors but not so much that it’s uncomfortable to hold.

And its minimalistic style lends itself well to nearly any color scheme. Overall, vapers love how it looks and feels in my hands. Especially when using favorite black Tesla ceramic coils. Therefore, it’s a surprise that many use their Suorin Air Plus pod system as an everyday carry. It’s easy to switch between pod flavors too! Just pull out your spent pods drop a new one in. Then you’re back to vaping with your e-juice within seconds!

Why is Suorin Air Plus Better Than other Pods?

Unlike most other pod systems, suorin air plus pods don’t have any button to activate your device. Instead, it operates automatically and will light up after filling with e-liquid by placing it on a magnetic charging cradle. Additionally, it features pass-through technology allowing you to vape even while charging it. It can also fully charge within an hour and has a capacity of 350mAh. Which is pretty decent for such a small device.

What’s more? It comes in various colors and is highly portable. Just tuck away in your pocket or purse for easy portability! Simply put, suorin air plus pods are worth every penny. Don’t miss out on its elegant design, convenience, and vaping experience. Don’t hesitate anymore, because suorin air plus price is low than others. So go and get one before they run out of stock!

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