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SMOK Novo Review: One of the Best Pod Vapes

The SMOK Novo is an all-in-one vaping device that perfectly fits beginner vapers. They also produce many pod lines featuring products from smok novo. It includes a unique drawing activation button. This eliminates the need for one to manually adjust settings, such as button presses. While giving access to the multitude of capabilities that the device can offer. The device will amaze even the most experienced vapers because of its features and ability to power your atomizer. The smok novo products that were sold earlier were said to be too bulky and not portable. So, they ran out of battery all the time. This is why the SMOK pod-style device was released as a way to fill in for the previously found shortcomings. The pod mods have now been redesigned to include a 2ml tank with a more powerful battery and a high-power. They’ll last you longer and have a long-lasting charge.

Design and build quality of the SMOK Novo

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All SMOK products usually have the smok novo cobra and honeycomb design. And this trend has made its way into their pod systems. The SMOK Novo is the first of its kind to come with this design, which is specific to its category. The mod is shaped to look like a beautiful whistle. The outside doesn’t have any rugged or jagged edges. It takes on a smooth and straight-line design. That gives it an ergonomic form that is easy to grip with the hands. The entire device is two pieces: the battery and the pod, which carries the coils, tanks, and mouthpiece.

When touched, the device feels satisfyingly solid and does not rattle or produce any sound when being handled. However, it would have benefitted from 510 threading and a changeable battery. There is no display screen on this device, so an intelligent LED indicator has been put in its place. It can be reactive simultaneously for both features and the status of the device. Such as if it is on or off. The app can also send notifications if something’s wrong with the coil.

Features of the SMOK Novo

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The smok novo is an easy-to-use, one-button pod vape that’s ideal for those new to vaping. Its stainless steel and glass build, color options, and intuitive LED lights stand out in a crowded market. The battery lasts longer than other pod vapes on the market. The SMOK NOVO also has a larger capacity than most pod vapes meaning you don’t have to refill as often. It also charges quickly with pass-through technology. This means you can use it while it charges or novovape while charging with its included micro-USB cord. Which can plug into any USB port. And when it does need a charge, you can get it back up to 100% in about 60 minutes. If you’re looking for a starter kit that gives you everything needed to start vaping. Without buying extra components down the road, look no further than SMOK NOVO POD Starter Kit.

Vapor Production


Smok novo has a great reputation for producing vapes that pack a punch. Their new Novo pod vape is no exception. While I’m not sure they manage to hit 80W as advertise. It still puts out enough vapor to satisfy even heavy-vaping enthusiasts. Moreover, while I don’t typically go crazy over pods (as they aren’t usually refillable). SMOK seems to have figured out how to build in a few features that make them more appealing. For example, unlike many other pod vapes on the market. There two pods include with your purchase. One regular flavor and one menthol flavor. This means you can always have a backup on hand or switch things up every while. Overall, if you’re looking for an affordable option with good vapor production. You should consider checking out SMOK’s new Novo pod vape.

Flavor and vapor quality

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Despite its smaller size, this unit packs a heavy punch, making it better than the other SMOK pod systems. Its vapor output is astonishing, and because of this, the amount of flavor in one puff can be detected. For example, single pods will last for about a week, depending on how much you vape. Some may leak, so be careful with how you handle them. The battery life is also great, as most vapers. Say they get around five to seven hours out of each charge. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use device with amazing flavor and vapor quality, look no further than smok Novo vape. Some users have complained that these coils aren’t as durable as they thought. While others say, their coils lasted several weeks before needing to replace.

Battery Life and Charging

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The Novo doesn’t offer any advanced features and functions of box mods like temperature control. Customizable settings, and variable wattage as a pod device. There are plenty of protection features built into the device to avoid. Short-circuiting and low voltage vaping, improving the device’s lifespan and battery. If you do not have any power adjustment features. You can only improve your vaping experience by playing around. With the pod strength variations that are available on the market.

It does not have air adjustments, but that is not a standard feature and makes it less hassle. The battery life depends on how much you vape. But overall it should last for a day or two, depending on how often you use it. The charging time is pretty fast as well. If we consider all these factors together, smok novo has done an excellent job at creating a sturdy product. That will last for years without giving up on performance or reliability.

How to refill pods?

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In many ways, pods are easier to deal with than e-juice. But there is one major downside: Pods can’t be refilled. Once your pod cartridge runs out of juice, you have to buy a new one. If you want to refill pods, but it’s not easy. To make refilling your novo pods easier and avoid spilling juice all over your hands. Get a pipette or an eyedropper (or both) for safe and simple refills. Here’s how to do it. Make sure your device is off before removing any parts. Remove each part of your pod mod in order, starting with bottom caps and finishing with mouthpieces.

Fill up a container about halfway full with e-liquid. We recommend using a dropper. Drip some liquid into each part until they fill about halfway up. This will vary depending on what size pods you use. Place each part back on top of your device and screw them in tightly until they stop turning. Don’t force anything. Please turn on your device and wait for it to fill up completely before vaping again.

Performance of the SMOK Novo

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This novo smok device has superb performance and is exceptional for producing a substantial amount of vapor. You get addicts to huge puffs of vapor that emanate from your mouth after you take a puff. Vaping takes a few seconds before the device starts, as it is a draw-activated device. Another step is to blow in the right amounts of vapor. This also expect of these types of devices. Try taking small puffs that prime the battery before activating it for best results. The battery is a 450mAh cell that can fully charge in less than an hour. When the charging is complete, the device lights will turn off and shift the colors from red to white, and the pass-through feature allows you to novo vap while the unit is charging.

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