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Pop Vape: A Complete Review About This Vape

pop vape

The Pop Disposable Vaporizer by Pop Vape is one of the newest additions to vaporizers. Unlike most vapes, this one comes in an easy-to-use package ready to go right out of the box. From its variety of aromas and flavors to its lightweight and compact size. There are plenty of reasons why this vape will make your experience more enjoyable than ever before. Please keep reading to find out what precisely this vape can do and how it differs from other popular brands on the market today.

Pop vape


If you want to quit smoking without suffering from withdrawal symptoms. And spending more money than you planned, it’s worth considering a pop vape. Pop is a nicotine inhaler that fits your pocket, and it works with e-liquids instead of tobacco. It has all the pleasure but none of the health risks associated with traditional smoking. That is mixed when you puff on it. This allows you to inhale directly into your lungs while enjoying flavors like cherry or vanilla. And up to 10 puffs per pop disposable vape cartridge. The cartridges are available in various strengths. So you can start with low doses and work your way until you find what works for you. The pop disposable vape is affordable, convenient, and easy to use—everything smokers need to transition away from cigarettes successfully.

Why Choose a pop vape?

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If you are looking for a hassle-free and affordable way to enjoy vaping regularly, look no further. The pop vape offers convenience and portability to vapers of all types. Whether you are a daily user or just getting started with vaping, having easy access to your e-liquid is essential. Instead of carrying around an expensive mod and tank everywhere. You go, having your e-juice in disposable pods that can be popped into the vape is cost-effective and convenient. At just $20, these portable vapes are both affordable and effective—plus, they come in various fun colors.

They also have larger cartridges than most disposables at 0.9ml each, so you won’t have to refill as often either! So what are you waiting for? Pick up one today and try it out. A lot of people who have never tried using a pod system think it’s too complicated. They don’t realize how simple it is because there’s no coil, which makes it easier to use than a traditional setup. Even if you’re new to vaping. If you haven’t already tried one out yet, I recommend picking up one of these starter kits.

How to Use the Pop Extra?

pop disposable

One of pop’s features is its ease of use. You take it out of your pocket, pop vape out an extra cartridge, and you’re ready to vape. There’s no need to charge or refill; keep a couple in your pocket, and you can vape anytime, anywhere. The Pop Extra is also small enough to slip into your wallet for easy access when you want to sneak a puff during lunch break. Pop Extra has three settings—low, medium, and high—so users control how much vapour they inhale. The higher settings produce more smoke but will drain your battery faster than lower settings. When using high settings on a full battery, expect about 40 puffs before needing to recharge (about 15 minutes). Expect about 100 puffs per full battery (about 45 minutes). It takes about two hours for each pop extra cartridge to charge via USB cable fully.

What Comes in The Box?

pop disposable vape

To get started with popvape, you have to purchase a starter kit. For $19.99, you get one disposable e-cigarette and one bottle of 100ml e-liquid Pop that has five pop flavors. Including cherry cola, vanilla bean, watermelon mint, cinnamon coffee, and strawberry cream). There’s no additional cost for shipping—orders are processed immediately and shipped within 24 hours via first class USPS. Pop also offers a points program that earns you discounts on future purchases.

Note that there’s no contract, so you can cancel at any time without penalty; after all, if it doesn’t work out, you can toss it. The Pop extra is an upgrade from their original model in two colors, black and white. The device is made from aluminum and plastic and measures 4 inches long by 1 inch wide by 0.75 inches deep. It weighs less than 2 ounces, making it very easy to carry around in your pocket or purse.

Battery Life on the Pop Vape

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Of course, we’re all looking for something that will last us all day. The Pop disposable vape is small and can only hold up to a little over 0.9g of cannabis oil, but it does last for about 200 puffs and even comes with a battery indicator, so you know when you need to charge it back up. If you use it two times per day every day, you should get 3 or 4 days before recharge. However, if you tend to take long hits on your vaporizer pen, it might not be able to keep up with your daily needs. So consider charging at night and bringing your Pop vape pen along for your morning commute instead.

It’s also important to note that there are no heating coils in these vaporizers like some other pens on the market today – which means there are no wires to potentially burn out after extended use. If you do find yourself needing a new one quickly because yours has stopped working (and we’ve yet to see one die), consider trying out an EGO-style vaporizer instead – as they are more likely than not going to have parts available online easily.

Cleaning and Maintenance

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Pop is a disposable vaporizer, so there isn’t much to clean and maintain. Once you’ve used it, toss it in your trash or recycle bin. For best performance, remember to replace the mouthpiece after each use. The representative gets dirty every time you inhale; replace it if it feels gunky or tastes funny. If Pop stops working, you may have accidentally turned off your device while inhaling; turn it back on and keep going. It’s important to note that Pop should not be cleaned with water or put into water—doing so could damage your device.

You can wipe down any residue with a damp cloth (don’t submerge it). Pop has been certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for safety and quality assurance, which means it has passed rigorous testing standards. Keep your Pop away from extreme temperatures like direct sunlight and cold places like freezers. Do not drop Pop, as doing so could damage its components and make them less effective at producing vapor.

Features of the pop vape

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One of the most important features is how fast it heats up. Pop claims a full heat in just 10 seconds, which we found faithful in our tests. If you’re looking for a portable vaporizer that can quickly reach vaping temperatures, you’ll appreciate the pop vape pen’s heating system. Another essential feature is its size; while not exactly small, it is much more compact than other pens on our list and smaller than your average e-cig. The pop disposable vape is about 4 inches long and less than an inch wide.

This makes it easy to carry around with you, even if you have limited space in your pocket or purse. The battery life is also one of pop’s best features; each charge will last for hours upon use, so you won’t have to worry about running out at any point during your day or night out. The charging time isn’t wrong either, as Pop says each charge will take less than two hours. We found that to be true during our testing as well.

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