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Nord 4 Features That Make It A Innovative Device

nord 4

Who doesn’t love to have a stylish vaping device in their hand? If you are an individual who enjoys vaping as much as I do. Then I bet you would love to have the latest vaping device in your hand. We are here to talk about Nord 4.

The new Nord 4 vaporizer by Smok has been getting a lot of buzzes lately due to its innovative features and excellent design. The device offers two different ways to vape, depending on your mood and the characteristics of the strain you are vaping at the time. This makes it ideal for those who enjoy both dry herb and concentrate sessions. The Nord 4 has an elegant design and smooth lines, making it stand out from other devices in nord 4 price range.

If you’re looking for something that won’t break the bank but still provides the power of an expensive device, Nord 4 may be the best choice for you. Let’s take a look at its features.

smok nord 4 leather

1) Size

The Nord 4 comes in four colours: black, grey, red, and beige leather. These different colour choices make it a good fit for various personalities. Smok has also made two starter kits for users to choose from, one with 1.4ohm coil heads and another with 0.6ohm coils. Furthermore, there is a 2ml tank capacity and an easily adjustable airflow system to accommodate individual preferences and needs. And if that isn’t enough to make Nord 4 kit exciting. Then let me tell you about its portable size. It measures only 54mm by 23mm by 81mm (length x width x height), making it easy to carry around. Yes! All of these features together make Nord4 an innovative device indeed!

2) Shape and texture

Designers are always looking for ways to give a device a different look. And I think they’ve hit a home run with Nord’s case. The smok nord 4 leather is incredibly soft and smooth. It feels as great as it looks. You often find it holding Nord just because you enjoy touching it. Paired with Nord’s unique design, which eschews glass in favour of an ergonomic chassis built from aluminium and elastomer materials. You have one of the most stylish devices on the market today. A product like Nord is meant to be shared. After all, there’s nothing quite like using your custom configuration on top of an elegant design. And its pleasant feeling will help make sure your users keep coming back for more.

3) Screen

This device comes with a different nord 4 colors screen, which lets you see and monitor what you are vaping. This makes it easy to tell if your nicotine levels are too high or low. Which helps ensure that you get just what you want out of every vape. The great thing about e-cigarettes is that they can help smokers quit smoking for good. But only if they use them properly. Having a clear display means that users can easily adjust their settings to achieve just what they want out of every puff. From strength to flavour. And because there are so many different flavours available. You must have a clear vision when using your Nord 4.

The smoknord leather mouthpiece is also made from durable materials, making it harder for anyone to break accidentally. Not only will these features protect against damage. But they will also keep your device looking new no matter how often you use it! Because everyone wants their devices looking fresh as ever when they carry them around in public!

4) Front panel controls

nord 4 price

Nord vape front panel controls make vaping incredibly convenient. You don’t have to stretch for a fire button or awkwardly hold your mod to adjust your settings. The front panel of a Nord is fully customizable. Which gives you a lot of control over how quickly and easily you can use it. Some nord vapr like to program their buttons. So that they respond instantly when they are pressed. While others prefer longer delays. Whatever your preference, it’s really easy to set up custom settings using SMOK’s smartphone app. If you get stuck setting them up manually. Or want to experiment with different configurations before committing. Then It will retain all of your settings even after switching off.

5) Cartridge system

One of Nord 4 most innovative features is its use of cartridges. These let you take out your cartridge and swap it for a new one at any time. It provides tremendous flexibility for flavour enthusiasts. If you’re tired of finding just one juice that tastes good to you and then having to buy a whole box with cartridges. Nord 4 coil is as easy as buying one tank! Plus, they make cleaning your mod very simple—empty any unused e-liquid from a cartridge. And put in a new cartridge full of fresh liquid. No muss-no fuss! Each box comes with five different flavours, so you can easily switch between them.

6) Tank Capacity

nord 4 kit

Just like its predecessor, Nord 4 has a large 2.5ml tank capacity to ensure that you will never run out of your favourite e-juice. Besides, it is not only an excellent vape device for VG e-liquids. But also can be used with nicotine salts and other sub-ohm e-liquid easily. You can enjoy vaping all day long with Nord! PCC (Portable Charging Case): This unique feature allows users to bring their battery case anywhere they go. Because Nord Bape camo charger box works as a portable charging case for your Nord four mod. When you are on a trip or outdoor activities. Then put your Nord mod into Nord charging case, connect Nord PCC to a wall adapter or computer via USB cable, then start refilling juice.

7) Battery capacity and charging time

Nord 4 comes with a 3000mAh battery. You can enjoy vaping for several hours before recharging your device. Recharge it fully will take around two hours and fifteen minutes. A longer battery life ensures that you won’t need to charge your e-cigarette during a day out and about. A removable 18650 lithium-ion battery makes charging quick and easy when you’re away from home or if you have a spare battery on hand. It takes less than 2 hours to charge fully is also convenient if you use your e-cigarette throughout the day. If we compare with other products in the same price range. You can see that nord4 provides you with long-lasting battery life with fast charging time, which all end users are happy about!

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