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Live Resin: Everything you need to know

live resin

A concentrate made from a live cannabis plant is known as live resin and live resin carts. This product, which contains only the desired compounds—terpenes and cannabinoids—comes from a plant still living to retain the terpenes, fragrance, tastes, and other good features. What is live resin is a frequently asked question. We will give its answer in this blog.

Live resin is the best way to go for individuals who want a high concentration of terpenes, a strong scent, and medicinal advantages. Find out more about this concentration by reading on.

The Live Resin Method

There are multiple processes in the live resin process:

what is live resin


The first step is to harvest the cannabis plant when it is fully mature. Sugar leaves and flower buds, not stems and fan leaves, are the plant elements used to make living resin batter.


It’s vital to process the plant materials as soon as possible after harvesting to avoid moisture collection, drying, or exposure to light and heat. All metabolic processes in cannabis stop when it is flash-frozen, but all plant components are retained.


After the plant components have been frozen, the extraction procedure begins, which entails using a cold solvent, such as butane. Terpenes, THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids extract by forcing the solvent through the plant components under pressure, leaving the exhausted plant elements behind.


The final step is distillation, which removes wax and other undesired components from the solution. As a result, you’ll get a pure product with many fragrant essential oils and cannabinoids.

Resin with Live Characteristics

The cannabis cultivar and strain determine the chemical and physical qualities of live resin. In general, the more terpenes in the resin, the more pliable and fluid it will be. Resin is available in a variety of forms and viscosities, including:

  • Shatter
  • Wax

Live resin has a terpene profile that closely reflects that of the living plant. Terpenes are the aromatic chemicals found in cannabis, and they make up the majority of living resin. There are about 100 different types of terpenes found in cannabis cultivars, including:

  • Myrcene
  • Limonene
  • Bisabolol (Alpha Bisabolol)
  • Alpha-Pinene
  • Beta-Pinene

Each terpene has its very own medical and therapeutic properties, such as relief from insomnia, eating disorders, anxiety, and depression. Cannabidiol (CBD), a cannabinoid with significant medicinal potential, is abundant in live resin. The THC level in live resin varies from 65 to 95 percent, depending on the cannabinoid profile of the live plant.

The Best Strains for Making Live Resin

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Any strain generates high-quality living resin if the extraction procedure is followed correctly. Some strains, on the other hand, provide better yields and effects. The finest strains for producing live resin have a high terpene and flavonoid content and a unique aromatic profile.

The strain should ideally be a Sativa-Indica hybrid with a THC concentration of at least 17%. The aroma of the strain has an impact on the experience. Northern Light live resin, for example, produces a different high than Fruit Spirit live resin.

Methods of Consuming Live Resin

Dabbing, which includes heating the concentrate to a high temperature (about 550°F), letting it cool, then inhaling the vapor via a customize bong called an oil rig, is the most popular way for consuming live resin.

Dabbing, especially if you’re new to cannabis, can be dangerous. You can harm your lungs if you inhale the vapor at too high a temperature. You may lose consciousness if you are not habituates to THC-containing products.

Vaping is a safer alternative to dabbing than dabbing. Vape cartridges made from resin come in a variety of tastes and THC concentrations.

What Is the Price of Live Resin?

live resin carts

The cost of live resin is often higher than the cost of other cannabis concentrates. The product quality and pricing will be relatively high if the extraction involves extracting living resin from fresh plant materials in a well-regulated environment. The price is also affects by the terpene level and flavor character.

How resin is made:

Live resin forms by freezing fresh plant matter as soon as it is harvested. The plant matter that will be employed in this concentration skips the drying and curing stages entirely. Instead, it is frozen as soon as gathers to ensure that it remains as fresh and natural as possible. When compare to other concentrates, it is far more flavorful and reminiscent of marijuana’s natural flavors.

The plant matter either dips into an insulated cylinder fills with liquid nitrogen or is placed in a chiller with dry ice on the bottom to freeze. It should be frozen at a temperature of roughly -40 degrees Fahrenheit in the ideal situation.

Live resin extracts from the plant using a BHO (butane) extraction procedure once unfrozen. It can also make by using a CO2 extraction technique and, in certain cases, ethanol.

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Different flavors, many forms

One of the most amazing aspects of this popular concentrate is how diverse each extract may look, feel, and taste. Depending on the parent strain and the particular extraction procedure utilized, these extracts come in various shapes and hues. It has a sticky and liquid-like texture because of the high concentration of terpenes. Sugar, sap, budder, badder, and sauce are some of the most prevalent types.

What Sets It Apart from Other Vape Carts?

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Live resin is just more delicious as compared to regular CO2 and distillate vape cartridges. Other vape carts include fewer terpenes and real plant flavors than its cartridges. CO2 and distillate have the advantage of not requiring the extraction of hydrocarbons like butane. Purity is rarely an issue with resin, even if it is extracts using the BHO method. This concentrate is for you if flavor is important to you.


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