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Grease Monkey Strain: Is This Strain A Better Option For You

grease monkey strain

There are quite a few different types of marijuana strains out there. However, the Grease Monkey strain of marijuana stands out among the rest regarding its effects, production, and potential medical uses. But how do you know if the marijuana strain you’re getting from your local dispensary is really what you think it is?

In this Grease Monkey strain review, we’ll go over everything about this Sativa-dominant hybrid and discuss why it’s so popular. Don’t waste any more time. Find out why Grease Monkey has become one of the most sought-after strains in dispensaries across the country!

The high from Grease Monkey Strain

gas monkey strain

Grease monkey strain is super smooth and provides a gentle Sativa-like high energizing and focused. This bud is really pretty to look at. The smell is earthy with hints of diesel. If you need help sleeping, take a pass on Grease Monkey Strain. Otherwise, it’s great for anything else! Other strains can be more powerful if that’s what you’re looking for. But if it isn’t, then try out Grease Monkey when it comes around again!

It will leave you feeling good without knocking you off your feet or making your head spin like some of those other ones do. Don’t let its name fool you; Grease Monkey doesn’t have any cannabis haze in it. So don’t smoke too much, or your fingers will end up all covered in oil! Sheesh! Monkey grease strain tastes mostly like an OG Kush but with a hint of Blueberry Skunk. That may make it taste better than Blueberry Skunk sometimes.

Appearance & smell

Appearance-wise, the Grease Monkey weed strain looks very similar to many other Indica-dominant strains. These small, dense green nugs are pretty covered in orange and dark brown hairs. You’ll also notice that there’s some trichome coverage throughout each nugget as well. Therefore, overall it’s got a nice aesthetic look to it. The aroma is also pretty sweet and has some undertones of skunk. It smells very similar to another strain like Purple strain.

Once you grind up your nugs, you can taste even more of those citrusy and skunky flavors that come out. This is one of those OG Kush crosses where you can tell just by smoking them. Because they have a unique flavor. For medical purposes, it has all kinds of benefits to it. Not only does it offer pain relief as many other Indica-dominant strains do. Grease monkey strain is also good for relaxing after a long day at work or anything else where stress levels are high.

Buzz duration of Grease Monkey Strain:

grease monkey leafly

Because of its potency, only a very small amount needs to give you a long-lasting buzz that can last for hours. Users who overuse greasy monkey weed report symptoms such as lethargy and headaches. So it’s important to know limits and stick to grease monkey strain! The strain doesn’t have many effects on short-term memory or motor skills. But has been famous to cause light paranoia in some users. Overall, it’s a great high but not necessarily one that experts recommend for all-day use. The after-effects will make you feel energized and happy for about 2 to 3 hours.

If you’re looking for something more potent. It’s important to know how strong a specific strain is before consuming it because an overdose could be dangerous. Therefore, the gas monkey strain isn’t recommended for inexperienced marijuana smokers. Especially if they plan on using it during their work hours. A little bit of caution goes a long way with any drug. Therefore, always on the side of caution when trying out new things.

Buzz Intensity of Grease Monkey Strain

Buzz intensity is one of the people’s favorite weed-related terms. Because it’s a great way to encapsulate how your body feels when you consume a particular strain. This score is based on objective factors, like energy levels and time until onset. But mostly, it’s influenced by personal preference and body type. Because they give energy without leaving feeling too buzz or sedate. Overall, grease monkey leafly makes you feel more awake and alert. If you’re looking for energy without any crazy side effects (like anxiety), try out the grease monkey strain. It is the perfect daytime bud.

It’s a very strong high that comes with both stimulating and relaxing properties. There are no big surprises with what grease monkey will do. However, if you are easily overwhelmed, maybe look elsewhere. Because grease monkeys can be quite intense as far as Sativa strains go. The onset begins in under 20 minutes if you smoke it, though that increases slightly if ingest orally.

Physical Effects of Grease Monkey Strain

monkey grease

The physical effects of grease strain start with a powerful hit of euphoria that puts you in a good mood. It also gives you an energy boost. So it’s perfect for days when you want to get stuff done. As your mind becomes more active, your body will too. Therefore, many people choose to smoke grease monke strain after exercising. The strain can also relax muscles and ease any pain or tension.

For anyone who likes cannabis but isn’t interested in getting high. Many people enjoy this strain for its psychoactive properties, even if they don’t have specific medical issues. If you fall into this category and looking to make weed taste good, try mixing monkey weed with sugar leaves before rolling it up into a joint. Or try using sugar leaves as one of several ingredients to bake a batch of delicious edibles at home.

Taste & Vaporization Preference

grease monkey

Grease monkey strain is tasty and easy to smoke. This strain provides a decent sense of euphoria, but it shines in its ability to eliminate pain and provide a nice relaxed feeling after a long day. One of the people’s favorite all-around strains, the leafly grease monkey strain is great for evening or nighttime use when you want to turn off your brain and chill out. Overall the grease monkey strain is enjoyed by a wide audience.

It’s an extremely well-round strain that users can enjoy anytime throughout the day due to its solid body buzz (not couch lock). And their earthy yet sweet taste with hints of pine and lemon zest, the pleasant odor that doesn’t linger too much like other indicas would tend to do, along with minimal coughing. Therefore, the overall grease monkey strain rating is 8/10 if you don’t care about the smell! Grease Monkey Strain also grows incredibly easy indoors or outdoors. Plants average around 3 feet tall with light green coloration. This makes them hard to spot among surrounding vegetation even during the late fall and winter months while budding.

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