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Gorilla Queen Strain – A Complete Review

gorilla queen strain

You may have seen the Gorilla Queen strain and are curious about it. Or you want to know more about it. And you’re not sure if it can help you achieve your desired effects. Well, I’m here to break down Gorilla Queen Strain for you and let you know if this strain is worth trying out. Or if it’s one you should leave on the shelf at your local dispensary.

Did you know that Gorilla Queen Strain comes from the same line? This unique strain has many benefits, including being high in T.H.C. and CBD to treat chronic pain, nausea, vomiting, Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and migraines. Check out this complete review of the Gorilla Queen Strain to learn more about the effects and health benefits of this potent cannabis strain.

Overview of Gorilla Queen Strain

gorilla bud

If you haven’t yet tried Gorilla Queen. Now’s your chance to learn more about its potent effects and medicinal uses. This strain is a hybrid of three indicas: White Rhino, a powerful strain famous for helping with chronic pain and discomfort; P.O.G. Kush. Its use to treat glaucoma; and Granddaddy Purple, a purple-hued plant famous for providing relaxation.

Gorilla royal sour strain is also famous for providing a near-instant sense of sedation, ideal for use as a sleep aid or pain reliever. If you have insomnia due to stress or another factor, try using gorilla queen strain as a remedy. After just one hit, many patients claim they fall asleep quickly and wake up feeling refreshed. While primarily used as a means of relaxation, gorilla queen also serves other medical purposes such as reducing inflammation and controlling muscle spasms.

The Taste of Gorilla Queen Strain:

gorilla punch strain

Impressive, Gorilla queen strain is a potent and well-balanced strain. The flavor isn’t quite chocolatey or woodsy but feels like it could describe that way if you were looking for easy comparison. Its effects are very calming and relaxing while still maintaining consciousness. Considering how powerful it was experiencing, experts would recommend smoking outside only and waiting until later in the day to try it, lest it knocks you out.

One reviewer even noted his ability to focus on things he needs to do. It did not make him lazy! Another recommendation is to try gorilla bud at night to relax your muscles, give you a pleasant euphoric feeling, and sleep better than average. Therefore, experts would recommend smoking some before bedtime. One more suggestion is to use glass pipes instead of metal ones. Because they don’t taste metallic or leave a bad aftertaste in your mouth. Last but not least: 3 gorillas leafly has no known side effects due to its uniqueness and safety.

Appearance and smell:

3 gorillas leafly

The bud itself is, of course, green. It has an almost sage-like appearance and feels to it when you hold it in your hand. Although its cover in crystals, the gorilla punch strain still feels quite fluffy. The gorilla queen strain also carries a vibrant, earthy aroma that wafts up to your nose with each inhale. It’s an intense aroma but not overwhelmingly powerful in any way. On the other hand, the smell is one of the people’s favorite things about the Gorilla Queen strain. It makes you hungry every time you smell it!

Smell/taste comparison – Before smoking royal gorilla strain leafly, it does have a skunky smell. But once you get high from smoking it, all skunkiness leaves, and there is just beautiful smoothness. You feel like you’re floating on clouds after using gorilla queen strain. It is incredibly uplifting. So much so that if you try to write while high on gorilla queen, you will not concentrate. Because of how powerful an effect it has on your mind. Experts recommend using gorilla queen strain only when you need something to lift your spirits. A good time for you personally is watching T.V. or going for a walk outside in nature when you are feeling sad or anxious. This strain’s power can wipe my sadness away with one puff!

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The Effects of Gorilla Queen Strain:

purple gorilla strain

First, it’s essential to recognize that the purple gorilla strain is a hybrid strain. What does that mean? As you may already know, most strains are hybrids and consist of some combination of at least two parent strains. The problem with hybrids is that it’s challenging to determine which exact cannabinoids are responsible for any given effect you experience. Most people report feeling a relaxing body high within 15-30 minutes after consuming as little as 5mg of T.H.C. The effects last anywhere from 1 to 2 hours and make you feel light.

Royal 21 queen side effects are not usually severe, and users rarely complain about discomfort or anxiety while they’re under its influence. If anything, users will say they feel better when they smoke royal gorilla leafly. Although not everyone enjoys smoking bud that leaves them feeling stoned, some consumers prefer more energizing strains like Purple Punch (in other words, those with higher levels of CBD). If this describes you, you should take note that the gorilla queen strain chronic report produces strong euphoric effects and increases energy levels and appetite stimulation.

The best conditions for growing this strain:

gorilla punch strain review

This strain can grow outdoors in many regions of North America, though it has a long flowering time for a Sativa. If you want to grow gorilla queen strain indoors, it does best in a hydroponic setup. It needs to give a lot of room. And it takes longer than most plants do to flower. If you can wait out its flowering time and provide it with enough space to grow as big as possible. There’s no telling how potent these buds will get! But if you stick with it and harvest early, you should have some great results come your way at harvest time.

When is the best time to harvest? Gorilla Queen Strain won’t fully mature by then, but its smell should be similar to her final form when it is ready for harvesting. Allowing it more growing time will yield larger yields but decreasing growth times increases trichome development. At around 60 days of flowering. It’ll be entirely made up of resin glands filled with cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Which makes flowers sparkle like they do when they cure adequately at full maturity.

How much product can you expect from a 1/2 oz grow? According to the gorilla cannabis seeds review, you can expect 1/2 an ounce per plant indoors under optimum conditions. While outdoors, you could get even more. If a light blue coloration begins to show on your leaves during the pre-flowering stage. Your plant will most likely be an indica dominant hybrid instead of Sativa dominant.

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