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Gen S: The Best Vaporesso Starter Kit

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The Vaporesso Gen S Starter Kit is the newest innovation from Vaporesso. Which puts out quality e-cig products to help people transition from tobacco smoking to vaping with ease. This starter kit provides an influential and excellent tasting experience for beginners and experienced vapers alike. Suppose you’re looking to make the switch or want to try something new. This review will tell you everything you need to know about the Vaporesso Gen S Starter Kit.

Vaporesso gen s

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Vaporesso has long been one of my favorite e-cigarette brands. The company produces dependable hardware, especially true for its entry-level vape kits. The latest equipment from Vaporesso calls gen s. It is yet another solid device in a long line of great products from a brand. That’s produced top-quality gear since 2011. Gen s is definitely worth your attention, especially if you’re looking for an easy way to start vaping with a cigalike e-cig. There’s a lot to like about gen s. So let’s dive into our complete review and see how it compares to similar starter kits on the market. We’ll look at what comes in each package, what materials use to build each part of the kit. How everything works together, etc. And then we’ll get into some pros and cons at the end before giving you our final verdict.


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Buying a complete vapor kit is not easy; different types, styles, and designs are available. Vaporesso Gen s kit was recently release. The company is famous for its range of accessories and starter kits for e-cigarettes, but Gen s is one of its newest products. It is a good quality starter kit with everything you need to start vaping right away. Everything about it screams premium. Let’s look at what’s included in Vaporesso Gen s kit and why so many people are raving about it.


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According to Vapesoro, vapers prefer vaporesso gen s kit as it offers a mouth to lung hit, an authentic cigarette feel. It utilizes an innovative OMNI board with 2A quick charge capability and 50W max output and upgradeable firmware for future functionality. This elegant starter kit comes with a 4ml capacity drip-tip tank and an easy-to-see big OLED screen. You will be able to connect other tanks (not included) through an ejuice connector that can fire up to 25 W. The device features a 510 connection pin to ensure the most safety possible while using it. The battery cell in the vape mod is removable, making sure you will have a longer lifespan for your vaping experience.

First Impressions

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As soon as I received my Gen S kit, I was immediately impressed with how solid and well-constructed it felt. The device construct from zinc alloy and feels incredibly sturdy in your hand. It weighs a bit more than I was expecting (149g) but has a solid, balanced feel and fits easily into my hand despite its size. Even though all of that zinc alloy makes for a tank that’s heavy enough to feel nice. Almost all of that weight is actually in your pocket when attached to its battery. This tank isn’t big or bulky when you hold it in your hand, making for an elegant balance between portability and comfortable usage.


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You probably already know what to expect when opening a new e-cig kit if you’re a regular vaper. The packaging often includes a manual, a few coils and wicks, and a battery and tank or two (depending on what type of kit it is). There are various kits out there, so some may have more content than others. For example, if you’re buying an all-in-one kit like Vaporesso’s, then unboxing your Vaporesso Gen S Kit won’t be too difficult; it will contain everything you need for a fantastic vaping experience on day one.

On the other hand, if you buy a mechanical mod kit that doesn’t include any batteries or tanks, you might need to purchase additional items before being able to use your device. This can get quite expensive over time. Purchasing extra items can quickly add up to hundreds of dollars, so many people prefer starter kits that come with everything they need right away. It saves them money in the long run.

Design & Build Quality

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The vaporesso gen s starter kit is pretty sturdy and well-built. The chassis is made out of metal, apart from two plastic panels on both sides. The device’s form factor makes it comfortable to hold and vape on. It isn’t multiple devices, though still more significant than most pod vapes in its category. But, that is to expect because it does have a built-in refillable 2 ml tank inside. Overall, I think you will like how good it feels when vaping it and just holding it in your hand—overall, one of my favourite devices in terms of build quality and design.

Performance & Vapor Quality

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The vaporesso gen s starter kit is a great vape. From first impressions, I would say it’s very similar to other box mods like SMOK in terms. How it feels and vapes. The vaporesso gen s coils is comfortable to hold. Easy to use and produces excellent vapor quality with a nice throat hit. The atomizer tank in conjunction with the vaporesso gen s mod is made from stainless steel. Which gives you a solid taste in your mouth when taking a draw. Additionally, unlike some atomizers that require you to drip liquid down into them. The swappable decks have well-placed pre-made holes, w=hich allows for increased airflow through these atomizers but reduces accidental leakage due to excessive dripping. Overall an excellent vape as far as performance and vapor quality.

Pros & Cons

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One of my favorite aspects of vaping is its wholly customized experience. You can choose your device, build, juice, and power setting for your custom vape. The market saturates with all kinds of hardware options. This can make selecting a setup overwhelming at times. But you’ll find an option that suits you perfectly if you do your research. Depending on what kind of vaper you are, some brands and products won’t work for you. I’ve found that one thing I love about Vaporesso its ability to offer something. For everyone in its product line. Whether you’re looking for a simple pod system or more advanced features like temperature control, they have something for everyone.

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