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Geekvape Aegis Vape Review: The Most Powerful Vape Yet

geekvape aegis

Aegis Geekvape Legend 2 Vape Kit Review: The Aegis Legend 2, as the successor to the extremely popular original geekvape aegis, was highly anticipated by vapers worldwide. We’ve finally had the chance to test it out and see what this 200W powerhouse offers, and we’re pretty impressed! This vape kit comes with the Aegis Legend 2 mod and the Cerberus sub-ohm tank that you can use with either 0mg nicotine e-liquid or 6mg nicotine e-liquid.

All about geekvape aegis

aegis vape

The geekvape aegis is a mod that most vapers dream of. It has a sleek design, an intelligent battery, and fires from 5 watts to 200 watts. It’s everything you could want and more in a vape mod. Now, let’s get into what makes it so incredible. First off, we have to talk about its size. This thing is tiny! You can hold it with one hand with no problem at all. If you’re looking for something small but powerful, then look no further than here. This thing packs quite a punch despite its small size. With 200 watts on tap, you can fire any tank or RDA without breaking a sweat. The device also features temperature control modes for nickel, titanium. This allows you to fine-tune your experience even further if desired. In terms of safety features, nothing beats the geek vapr.

It comes with reverse polarity protection, which prevents damage if improperly install batteries are used. And short circuit protection protects against unexpected shorts during use. There’s also overheat protection which keeps things cool when firing at high wattages. Lastly, low voltage protection automatically cuts power when the battery is too low to provide adequate power output. All these safety features make it one of the safest mods available today, and I’m sure you’ll agree once you see how much thought went into designing it. Overall, I think everyone will be blown away by how good-looking and powerful this mod is. And now that I’ve covered all my bases, let me tell you why I love it so much. It looks awesome! That might sound like a silly reason. It looks cool, right? People notice my new toy no matter where I go because they’ve never seen anything like it before.

Is the aegis vape good?

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In our opinion, it is one of the best tanks and starter kits on the market! It provides a great geekvape aegis experience without fail and delivers on performance every time. Plus, thanks to a few nice little extras (like new coils and even an RDA for those who want to build their coils), you get more than what you pay for with GeekVape Aegis Legend Kit. If you’re looking for something that gives you more control over your vape and truly makes your vape unique to yourself, we highly recommend giving Regis vap Aegis kit a try. It’s one of our favorites, and once you try it, we know it will be yours too!

So go ahead and order one today – we promise you won’t regret it! Two, how much is a vap does it cost? This question goes hand in hand with #1 but deserves its category because it is important. Some products are expensive, while others offer amazing value – but only if they fit into your budget. For example, some people would never spend $500 on a pair of headphones when they can buy another smartphone or tablet instead – while others don’t care about saving money because they love their headphones so much!

Is Geekvape better than Smok?

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Mods, accessories, vaporizer tank, compact mods vaporizers comparison, vapor tank starter kit. Surprised by how much is a aegis vape! Already have an idea of what type of mod you want? Check out our list of best box mods and best vape pen kits. If you have no clue what device to choose, consider checking out our newly updated review pages that include top picks and comparisons in several product categories. Whether it’s ejuice, tanks, or hardware, we can help point you in the right direction. We also do reviews on pipes and bongs, so check them out while you’re at it!

As with every product listed here, we highly recommend researching before making a purchase. Many different types fit everyone’s aegis geek vape needs better than others. Check out all of our blogs for more helpful information about buying products online, and stay up to date with us on social media for deals and giveaways! Keep On Vaping My Friends. We get it. Online shopping can be tough and frustrating when searching for a specific product that you cannot find anywhere else but at one particular store. It’s even worse when they don’t even carry what you’re looking for, or they only carry one style/size/color but not your size.

How long does a Geekvape Aegis last?


With over 300 watts of power and a dual-battery system, you’ll want to make sure your greekvape Aegis is ready to go with a full charge before you start vaping. Please make sure you remember to plug it in after using it to ensure your next session goes as planned. Some batteries are replaceable if you don’t have time for a full charge. If not, we’d recommend getting multiple chargers you can always keep one in your pocket or bag while your first charges. How much does an Aegis cost?: You can find different prices on these aegis vape mod depending on where you look. At VaporDNA, they range from $99.99-to $119.99, but it may be worth shopping around if you like. Some places even offer them at a discount when bundled with other products.

Which could save you money if buying accessories separately would cost more than just paying extra for them at checkout! What do I get with my aegis x accessories? In addition to your vape mod itself, you should receive a user manual, USB charging cable, and warranty card. If you didn’t receive all of these things when purchasing your device, please contact customer service immediately. Is there anything else I need? This depends on how you plan to use your new mod. It comes with everything needed for mouth-to-lung inhales (MTL). But if you plan to switch between MTL and direct lung inhales (DLI) often, it might worth invest in some spare coils.

Design and Build Quality


GeekVape’s Aegis is not the world’s first shockproof and waterproof vape mod, though it is among the most attractive ones I’ve seen. The Heatvape Invader was out first, but it didn’t turn as many heads as the Aegis has. This product is still fashionable even when contrasted with the conventional. Creating a stunning shockproof mod isn’t the easiest thing in the world. The packaging says Designed by Justin, geek cape aegis GM, so he probably deserves recognition for the eye-catching design. There are many different things about this device that I cannot mention. This device is a combination of many materials. Some of the more notable ones include LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber), metal (aluminum and zinc alloy), and plastic. I would also like to mention the genuine leather included. Besides the display protector, this mod comprises screws and other non-plastic elements, so it feels very high-quality to use.

Except for the screen protector, every part of the mod is held together by screws, so you’ll safe if you go the wrong places. They are all size 5T screws, so you will need a specialized screwdriver to take them apart. The Aegis RDA comes with a gold-plated spring-loaded 510 connection. This attach to the mod with three small screws. In contrast, most manufacturers opt to press-fit their connections, largely for aesthetic purposes. What I love most about it most that it is position towards the center of the device. Meaning the atomizer overhang is no longer an issue. It is also possible to comfortably fit a 30mm diameter atomizer on this device without the overhang an issue. One thing is for sure: if there are any ever-larger tanks made, they will still a perfect size.

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