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Fruity Pebbles Strain – Why It Is Better Than Other Strain

fruity pebbles strain

Easily one of the most popular weed strains around, the fruity pebbles strain offers something unique to every individual who tries it: fantastic flavour, terrific potency, and mellow, euphoric effects that are relaxing and enjoyable in equal measure. Whether you’re looking to relieve stress or unwind at the end of the day, fruity pebbles have something you’ll love, and be sure to want more of each time you try it out. If you want to know just how good this strain is, keep reading the review of the strain below!

About Fruity Pebbles Strain

real fruity pebbles strain

Fruity Pebbles Strain is an indica-dominant hybrid bred initially by Colorado breeders at Buddha Seeds. It is a cross between two heavy-hitting strains, Big Bud and Space Queen, both of which are indicas. It is a massive yield and flower times of 60 to 65 days. The buds themselves have a berry aroma with undertones of citrus and pine. As you might expect from such flavours, they’re smooth when smoked or vaporized but can be harsher when inhaled without any filtration device. This fpog strain is available for purchase through various online dispensaries in California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and Arizona.

Fruity Pebbles Strain Origin

fruity pebbles leafly

The strain gets its name from its terpene profile which is heavy with fruit notes and a fruity aroma. Those who try it are not surprised by its fruity flavour since it has parents that also smell like fruit. Fruity Pebbles’ origins can trace back to Cali Connection’s Chemdawg 91 and Strawberry Banana OG, two strains with intense aromas of fruit. These are crosses between other famous fruity strains, including Northern Lights, Skunk, and Banana Kush.

Combining these strains produces a hybrid strain that makes you feel like you’re eating a bowl full of fruity pebble og. Although many people don’t believe it, fruity pebbles leafly is an indica dominant hybrid strain. It contains about 19% THC making it more psychoactive than most hybrids on average but less than most pure indica or sativa. Despite being considered a high-THC cannabis strain, fruity pebbles don’t get users very high, if at all, when smoked or vaporized alone.


fruity pebbles weed

Fruity Pebbles strain is a variety of marijuana that has been grown for its strong, fruity taste and smell. As you might expect from its name, fruity pebbles og strain will have the distinct aroma and flavour of strawberry cereal. Which making it a solid choice for those who enjoy such flavours. Those familiar with Sour Diesel will also find Fruity Pebbles strain similar in taste, particularly when vaporize. It is one of many strains bred by DNA Genetics, famous as fruity terpenes or aromas found in cannabis plants. As with other strains of these terpenes (such as Blueberry Haze), users can often expect an experience that is highly flavorful and upbeat.

The smoke itself is pretty smooth but not overly airy. Fruity Pebbles tends to fill your mouth rather than leave you gasping for breath. The effects are head-heavy at first, leaving users feeling happy and uplifted. However, if inhaled too quickly. Some may feel slightly paranoid due to increased energy levels and a slight increase in heart rate. However, for some smokers of Fruity Pebbles weed, these effects are desirable; it’s all about personal preference!


fruity pebble og

The smell of skittles fruity pebbles strain is slightly different from most OG Kush strains and has more of a fruity strawberry aroma. This has to do with its parentage, which brings sweet tropical fruit notes into play that complement those from OG Kush beautifully. The fruity pebbles strain scent is something like fresh strawberries on hot summer days with pine and earthy notes. There are subtle touches of citrus in there as well.

This strain’s scent won’t overpower when smoke or vaporize. Still, natural fruity pebbles strain sweet aromatic fragrance is one you’ll want to savour for as long as possible after enjoying some of your medicine. The best way to enjoy these scents entirely is through smell-proof glass jars. Because once you open them up, you’ll have a hard time not filling your nose full of them all day long. So, be careful not to overdo fruity pebbles! Enjoying too much of anything can cause nausea and cottonmouth.


fpog strain

Tasting fruity cereal strain is like taking a bite of breakfast cereal. The buds have a fruity smell, but no one fruit stands out. It smells more like an artificial sweetener that you’d sprinkle on your cereal than any natural flavour you’d get from actual fruits and nuts. Fruity pebbles strain tastes just as sugary as it smells, with a slightly spicy aftertaste. So if you like other OG Kush strains, then Fruity Pebbles strain will be right up your alley.

As you smoke or vape more of it, it becomes less fruity and more earthy, almost kush-like. But it doesn’t lose its sweetness—it just makes way for hints of spice. This strain is also great for daytime use because it won’t make you feel sleepy or couch-locked. You can still function normally while smoking fruity pebbles weed. And that makes it perfect for those who want to relax without getting too high or feeling drowsy.

Effects of Fruity Pebbles Strain

fruity pebbles og

If you are hoping to treat anxiety, PTSD, depression, or stress with Fruity Pebbles weed. Then keep in mind that there are better strains for that. Fruity Pebbles strain is a relatively high-THC strain with very little CBD content—the ratio of THC to CBD is 1:1.5. This means it may cause some cognitive side effects if you’re prone to them. However, Fruity Pebbles may still be beneficial for managing pain without too much mental fuzziness. And some users report feeling relaxed and euphoric while using it. A few users report being able to sleep easier after medicating with Fruity Pebbles strain.

However, many say they find it hard to fall asleep when using Fruity Pebbles. The effect of real fruity pebbles strain can last anywhere from two hours to over three hours. It depends on your tolerance level. Many patients who use cannabis medically have found success treating their symptoms with Fruity Pebble weed. However, its low CBD content and higher THC content aren’t recommended for those who suffer from anxiety disorders or seizures unless they know how their body will react beforehand.

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