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Dosi punch strain: A Full Review of this Unique Strain

What’s your favorite strain? If you’re looking to try something new. Dosi punch strain might be just what you look for. Also known as Purple Punch, this unique dosi punch combines. The unique mix of flavors that Dosi Haze and Dosi Berry are famous for creates something unlike. Any other bud out there. At the same time, it can be hard to tell whether or not these three strains are related. One taste of Dosi Punch will convince you that they must have grown up together.

History of dosi punch strain

dosi punch

Dosi Punch is a cross between Big Punch and Tres Punch. This hybrid has recently gained popularity due to its unique aroma and high THC content. Its name is derived from two strains, Big Punch and Tres Punch, combined to create it. The result is a plant that produces large yields of potent buds with strong physical effects. It’s best for nighttime use as it can induce strong couch-lock tendencies.

Then purple dosi strain may be right for you. Dosi Punch was created by breeding Big Punch and Tres Punch together. Both parent plants produce relaxing highs that are great for treating chronic pain. A cannabinoid is known to relieve muscle spasms and cramps. At the same time, caus feel of euphoria at higher doses. This makes them great choices for medical marijuana patients. Who need assistance managing their symptom without feeling too high or mentally altered?

What makes dosi punch strain unique?

purple dosido strain

Dodos x purple punches a unique strain you may have never heard of before. With its indica dominant traits, dosi punch can help with the pain. And stress relief by putting you in a state similar to drunk. But only for a few minutes, this is ideal for someone who isn’t looking for an all-day pain killer. But wants something. That can work quickly. It has been called one of The Most Powerful Strains on Earth. Dodos x purple punch contains.

Which is more than almost any other flower currently available on dispensary shelves. Typically, a hybrid with THCV as its highest cannabinoid would cost anywhere from per gram due to how rare and coveted. This makes dosidos x purple punch one of the most affordable high THCV strains. Plus, if you live in California or Oregon, where cannabis is legal for recreational use. Then you can find dosidos x purple punch at your local dispensary.

Tastes of Dosi punch strain

purple dosi

The taste you get from purple dosi is like any other punch-type weed. There are slight citrus notes with a sweet undertone. And it finishes with a mellow pine flavor. The weed is on par when it comes to odor as well, smelling very fruity and sweet. Just ensure you aren’t trying to smell your weed in public or around people.

The dosi punch strain is one of your favorites simply. Because of how long-lasting it is and how quickly it kicks in. When you smoke, you feel high almost instantly, making for fun adventures if out in public. It isn’t any more left, or your body forces itself into a state of sleepiness because no more energy is being put into motion. People who use dosi punch strain generally look for an easy-going high. That is last too long or get.

Dosi Punch Strain Genetics

purple dosi strain

The level is high in the dosi punch weed strain. The genetics include a strong Pinene, which gives it an energetic buzz, and a light Linalool, which gives it a relaxing feel. The terpene profile has more limonene than any other weed on Earth and tends to offer therapeutic benefits. As far as effects are concerned, Dosi Punch weed tends to be uplifting, motivating, and cerebral. But you can expect it to have some nice couchlock too. It’s quite energizing in nature because its main psychoactive compound is pinene.

Moreover, pinene is also known for alertnes. And focus on feelings of laziness or sedation. This means that even though it’s great for chilling out after a long day at work. You will still feel motivated to get stuff done. Many people like to use purple dosidos weed during creative projects. Such as art or music because they find. That their thoughts flow freely and easily when they smoke it, suppose your goal is to relax. Then you may want to try something else, however. This one won’t leave you feel stoned but rather clear-headed and upbeat.

Dosi Punch Strain Flowering

dosidos x purple punch

Purple dosido strain is very difficult to grow indoors. Outdoors, harvest usually occurs early. This plant grows into a huge bush and produces flowers. That is humongous. The buds are dense and hard with a citrus smell, however. They taste like pepperoni pizza or hot cinnamon buns with vanilla icing when cured correctly. Both male and female plants exist, so breeders must be careful to avoid cross-pollination. I grow indoors to preserve the high levels of THC in Dosi Punch marijuana buds.

Its difficulty to grow and its potency. Dosi Punch is one of those strains for those who can handle it. That will leave you to feel uplifted and euphoric for hours after consumption. Many users report extreme cerebral effects as well as increased appetite from smoke. Or vaporize Dosi Punch marijuana flower. Because it takes such a long time to mature outdoors, most growers choose to cultivate. Their crop uses hydroponics systems instead of soil methods.

Dosi Punch Strain Effects

dosi runtz strain

First and foremost, dosi runtz strain weed is a unique cannabis plant for one reason in particular—its effects. The Dosi Punch high is certainly different. That of other strains because it gives users. What’s often refer to as a psychedelic experience. To understand why Dosi Punch makes you feel like you’re tripping. It’s important first to understand how marijuana works in general. Like opiates, such as heroin or morphine, cannabis can bind to purple punch grow tips receptors in your brain called opiate receptors.

Once this receptor is filled, they send signal throughout your body. For example, if you have an opioid receptor in your stomach, once THC activates it, it signals to release more gastric juices, so you start salivating. That’s just one example of how pot affects our bodies on a cellular level, with Dosi Punch weed specifically. Dosi punch seems that activate cannabinoid receptors and send signals to parts of our brains.

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