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Cool Vape Tricks That Make You Look Like A Pro

cool vape tricks

The coolest vape tricks that make you look like a pro! With vaping technology advancing as rapidly as possible, it’s hard to keep up with all the new vape tricks. When you’re at the vape shop, and there are other experienced vapers around, don’t be intimidated by their abilities—there are plenty of cool vape tricks that make you look like a pro that anyone can learn! Check out these ten simple but impressive vape tricks and impress your friends next time you’re at the bar or hanging out at the house.

Simple tricks to impress your friends

how to do vape tricks

If you’re new to vaping, you may not be aware of how easy it is to perform vape tricks. Although some vapers will scoff at your lack of knowledge, we believe starting with a solid foundation is important; however, knowing how to impress your friends and family is also valuable! By familiarizing yourself with these ten easy vape tricks, you can quickly make yourself look like a pro in front of your friends. And don’t worry—you won’t need any advanced skills or fancy equipment for any of them. They’re all fairly simple—even if they require some practice to master. All you need is patience and persistence (and maybe a few other things). The results are well worth it: impressing people isn’t always an easy task, but by following these tips, you’ll have more confidence when walking into that next vape meetup.

The vaping umbrella trick

vaping tricks for beginners

When it comes to smoke tricks with vaping, few look as cool as The Umbrella Trick. The best way to learn is by watching an expert and then practicing. We’ve already done a great deal of watching—and practiced, too—so we’re ready to pass along our knowledge. How to do vape tricks Take your first finger and push all five fingers of your hand together into a fist shape. 2) Then do the same thing with your thumb to end up with what looks like a peace sign on top of a large O from where your index finger used to be.

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The Smoke Rings Trick

easy vape tricks

If you want to impress your friends and family with some vape tricks, you’ll need some smoke rings. One of my favorite tricks for showing people that I know a few things about vaping is giving them a smoke ring show. To get started, turn on your vaporizer and set it on fire. Once you have a decent-sized flame. Pull out your mouthpiece (if there is one) or cover it with your hand. Next, put your lips over the opening where you normally place your mouthpiece. And blow through it like blowing out birthday candles. This will create a puff of smoke tricks with vape that looks like a circle when viewed from above. The trick here is to blow as many smoke rings as possible before they dissipate into thin air. It takes practice, but once you master it, everyone will be asking how you did it.

The Sidewinder Trick

smoke tricks with vape

This one takes a bit of practice, but once you master it, you’ll be blowing huge clouds. What’s great about vaping is that you can create your style, so feel free to make your additions or substitutions. Just remember to always consider safety first! Always make sure you have a clear view of all sides when doing juul tricks like these, and never trick in areas where cars are driving by, or people are walking nearby. These things may seem simple and silly but trust us: you don’t want to be responsible for injuring someone. Now let’s get started with some easy vape tricks.

The 3D Clouds Trick

easy vape tricks

This trick is one of my favorites, but it is a lot harder than it looks. To pull off good 3D clouds, you need to load your vape pen with high nicotine content and produce three consecutive clouds that look like they’re all connected. It’s much easier than it sounds and is also quite hard at first, but once you get into a rhythm, you will have no problem doing them in succession with little effort required. Start by taking slow and even drags until your lungs are full of vapor. Once they are, release slowly while pointing upward. Take another drag on your vape pen to refill your lungs with more vapor as soon as you release it.

The Heatwave Trick

how to do vape tricks

Heatwaves have returned in full swing to major cities all over the world. To beat the heat, many people turn to their trusty vape tricks, but they don’t always feel as cool as they had hoped. When you exhale from a vape, your breath begins cooling down due to evaporation. If you want to mimic that effect, raise your hand over your mouth as you exhale and watch how cool vape tricks. The Heatwave Trick is simple yet fun and will leave people wondering if you are a vape wizard. For it to work best, you should use thinner vapor when performing The Heatwave Trick; if possible, pick an e-liquid with higher concentrations of VG.

The Tornado Trick

tricks to do with a vape

This one is really easy to do, and it looks way cooler than it is. To start, exhale an enormous amount of smoke into your vaporizer’s chamber. Then, quickly inhale through your vaporizer as you wave your hand over and around it. The spinning vortex of smoke should look a little like a tornado. This trick is best with larger vapes with longer chambers like those made by Volcano or Da Buddha. Here are some other tips for pulling off this trick: 1) If you want your tornado to last longer, make sure you don’t stop swirling your hand. If you stop, so will your smoke.

The Multi-Vaping Trick

vape tricks easy

Multi-vaping is one of my favorite tricks because it looks so complicated, but it’s pretty easy. It would help if you had a clearomizer with an adjustable airflow ring and two different e-liquids with similar PG/VG ratios. Set both liquids to a high VG level (70% or higher), fill your tank, and start vaping away! The effect will seem as if you can blow out smoke rings from multiple e-cigarettes at once—it’s seriously cool. If you want to take things even further, try using a variable voltage device for even more control over how thick your vapor is. It’s important to note that not all vapes can do multi-vaping tricks—if you have any doubts about whether yours can handle it, ask us. We’ll be happy to help you find something that works best for your setup.

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