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Black Russian Strain – A Comprehensive Review

black russian strain

Black Russian strain, also known as BC Bud, is an indica-dominant strain of Cannabis Sativa. That originated in the 1970s and 1980s in California and Colorado. Originally bred by growers in the Netherlands, the black Russian weed strain quickly spread throughout Europe and the United States. Because of its high THC content, which ranges from 16-20% on average. This high THC content makes Black Russian weed one of the most potent strains of marijuana available commercially. And makes it an ideal choice for medicinal users who need fast-acting relief.

Black Russian strain

russian weeds

Many people swear by black Russian weed strain cannabis strain for its body-relaxing effects. This strain is note for its sweet smell and fruity flavour, along with a high. That stay with you through most of your day. Whether you need to ease anxiety or relax after a long week, Black Russian show to help with both in most cases. While not extremely potent, it provides more than enough medicine to help alleviate stress. And pain symptoms without compromising mental functions too heavily.

It can make patients feel hungry or cause them to gain weight. So, those look for an appetite suppressant should look elsewhere. However, Black Russian is a great choice for those who don’t mind. The bud structure on black Russian strain is almost as impressive as its name. It looks like something out of a sci-fi movie with thick nugs covered in orange hairs and dark green leaves. The Aroma alone will have you wanting to smoke immediately.

A little history of this strain

russian weed

Black Russian weed has a bit of an interesting story behind it. It’s not clear how much is real, but many people think that because of its name and origin. It was, at one point, a strain that Russian Spies use to conduct their operation while high. Of course, we will never really know if this is true, but who doesn’t love a good story behind their weed?

The rumor goes like so: before prohibition took hold in America. There was a famous drug store name Behrman’s in Brooklyn. One day, a man walked into Behrman’s looking for some high-grade Russian cannabis. He wants something to help him stay awake for days on end and have enough THC to knock out an elephant. They had no idea what he was talking about. So, they sent him to another shop down the street called Minsky Brother. At Minsky Brothers, they could get him exactly what he wanted.

Type of black Russian strain

russian pound cake strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid cannabis weed strain. The Russian pound cake strain cannabis strain is a hybrid variety descend from both an indica and Sativa family tree. This plant grows between 6 to 8 feet and has an average flowering time of 10 weeks when grown indoors. While outdoor plants take slightly longer to mature. The yield is above average at 600 grams per square meter for indoor growing, making. It ideal for commercial growers looking for a high yield during harvest season.

When cultivated outdoors, you can expect yields of around 1000 grams per plant, making. It a popular choice among growers seeking bountiful harvests. The smoke tastes sweet with hints of berries, similar to blackberries or blueberries. There is also a noticeable sour aftertaste that lingers in your mouth for some time after each puff. The smell isn’t as strong as some other strains but still packs quite a punch. If you have a good enough sense of smell. It won’t be hard to identify once you catch wind of its distinct Aroma.

Flavors of a black Russian strain

from russia with cookies strain

The Aroma of the black Russian marijuana cannabis strain is earthy and spicy with citrus undertones. Its taste is very similar to its scent, earthy with a hint of citrus fruitiness. Black Russian gives you a mellow cerebral high that makes you feel floating on clouds. It is great for people who suffer from depression, anxiety, stress or other mood disorders. As it alleviates these symptoms without making you feel out of it or tired like some strains can do. This strain can use during the day or night as it has pleasant characteristics to help calm. Both your mind and body after a long day at work or for wind down before bedtime.

Appearance & Aroma of a black Russian strain

blue russian pound cake

A sample from russia with cookies strain with cookies strain has a nice dark green colour with bright orange hairs and trichomes. It smells sweet and spicy with almost an earthy tone to it. The nug is dense, very well trimm, and air-tight without any soft spots, make for a great hand-held experience. Smoking black Russian strain brings you a sweet hashish taste with a little bit of smoke on exhale that’s not too harsh on your lungs. But still gets you a good high from big hits from a large-sized bong or pipe.

This blue Russian pound cake strain has a lot of potential for commercial growers. Because it grows short bushy plants that are easy to trim and harvest. These plants grow tall but tend to be wide, which makes them easier to trim than long skinny ones. This strain grows fat calyxes with lots of THC crystal like they are cover in sugar frost. When growing these cannabis seeds outdoors, depending on where you live. And how much light exposure your plant receives during the vegetative growth stage.

Effects of the black Russian strain

black russian weed strain

This Russian weed can very beneficial in helping with depression. It’s a very relaxing high and will help with any stress you might have. This can also put you to sleep right away, which could be good for insomnia. The black Russian is a couch lock strain and will leave you wanting to relax at home and not doing much else, although some people do like. It because they can get more things done while high on it. It tastes like sweet, earthy pine needles. And has very aromatic smelling buds. But make sure you start with only a little bit at first if you haven’t tried an indica dominant strain before, as they are more relaxing.

Final Thoughts

black russian weed

World of Seeds Black Russian weed strain is a phenotype of a well-known strain, AK-47. It’s an indica-dominant blue Russian pound cake strain that has gained notoriety for its unique flavour profile and powerful body buzz. Black Russian strain found it to be equally intense in flavour and sensation. The buds smell very fruity with hints of musk, so if you enjoy musky and fruity scents, you will love Black Russian cannabis. It is for anyone who likes strong indicas and medicinal use, but it also works well to create an enjoyable high that won’t knock you out completely. This makes it great for evening or nighttime use if you’re looking for a good nighttime strain.

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