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Animal Mints Strain is It Safe For You?

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How much do you know about the animal mints strain? Chances are if you’re an avid cannabis consumer. Then you hear of this strain before but don’t know what it is or where it came from. In this complete review of animal mints strain, we’ll dive into all things about this strain.

Overview of Animal Mints Strain

animal mints strain

Animal mints strain is a great strain that packs in a heady and euphoric high. While still maintaining its mellow undertones. It smells like your typical kush smell—dank, with hints of pine. The taste is similar to how it smells, with a slight hint of berry at first. The high can last for hours and be felt for even longer. But even though animal mints strain gives you a cerebral feeling, it won’t give you a cottonmouth or cause dry eyes as some sativas can do. If you are looking for something daily, then animal mintz may not be for you as it does take an hour or two to fully hit you after smoking and has some fuzzy/spacy effects.

Animal Mints Strain Type

Animal Mints strain is an almost purely Sativa cannabis strain that produces a cerebral high that’s often described as uplifting and energetic. This strain is a cross between Animal Cookies and Girl Scout Cookies. The plant’s buds are bright green and speckled with red, orange, and purple hues.

Its flavor can describe as sweet with just a hint of spice on exhale. It has medium-sized leaves surrounding dense nuggets covered in a frosty coating of crystals when it dries out. Animal Mints aroma is herbal, similar to its parent genetics. And animal mint strain gives off notes of lemongrass and pine while smelling like decadent chocolate. Identical to its look and smell, Animal Mints strain flavor also carries over its robust aroma profile.

The appearance of Animal Mints Strain

animal mint strain

Animal mint weed strain is a potent cross between Animal kush and Green Crack. The buds are green, with light amber hairs coating them. It looks like many other animal strains, though it lacks much of a smell when you first encounter it. But once you break it up, you get to experience its fantastic scent. It smells very similar to its mother plant’s smell. This incredible mix of candy and fruit masks any marijuana odor well and has a slight hint of citrus undertones.

Animal mint strain is also available in hash form. The crystals are light green with hues of orange throughout them and give off a strong fruity aroma. On the other hand, this bud has a nice thick coat of THC trichomes covering all its beautiful red hairs, adding great flavor and stunning effects. Animal mints Leafly can take hold within just minutes after smoking or vaporizing it and will last several hours (depending on how much you consume). Animal mint cannabis offers some pain relief while leaving your body feeling energized and refreshed.

Genetics of Animal Mints Strain:

animal mint

Animal mints is a Sativa-dominant hybrid bred by DNA Genetics. A cross between Animal Cookies and Girl Scout Cookies. Animal mints bx1 were selected for their medicinal properties. It is reputed to be an effective treatment for insomnia, appetite stimulation, chronic pain, nausea, and headaches. Animal mint has distinct flavors of pineapple, peppermint, and pine. The pineapple flavor is most pronounced in Animal Mint while exhaling. The dominant effect of the animal mints strain. If you’re looking for something that will get you lifted without putting you to sleep.

It will do just that! This strain can provide hours of vital energy but with a heady body high at the same time. Even if you have a low tolerance level or not much experience with cannabis, this might be perfect for you as it provides mellow cerebral effects that are highly focused. You would feel uplifted as nothing stops you from moving forward into whatever project or hobby interests you.

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Taste and Smell of Animal Mints Strain

Animal mints strain has a sweet and spicy taste. While smoking gives an uplifting feeling. This cannabis strain is good for muscle pain, depression, anxiety, and stress relief. The smell of animal kush mints strain is pungent with intense flavor. When you smoke Animal mint strain, beautiful crystals on your nose give a spicy aroma. Animal mint strain can use as an edible by adding it to foods like popcorn or pasta sauce at home while cooking to enjoy its amazing effects.

You should warn that although it smells pungent, its flavor is delicious and satisfying. When mixed with ice cream or even beer, you will love eating or drinking animal mints strains. Animal mint strain leaves users feeling euphoric and happy after consumption. Animal Mint marijuana strain can treat chronic pains related to arthritis and migraines. It also fights nausea and dizziness caused due to intake of any toxic substances, including alcohol and other forms of medication. So if you want to get rid of such issues, try the animal mint strain. Because it contains more CBD than THC, which makes animal mint weed a better option than traditional pot.

Smoking Potency of Animal Mint Weed

animal mint weed strain

Animal mint weed is a potent strain that’s guaranteed to give you strong and long-lasting effects. Most users cite an onset time of around 5 to 10 minutes after smoking, with full effects lasting up to 90 minutes or more. This means that it’s perfect for smokers who want intense highs but don’t have much time for indulging in a bong or joint. For example, some people choose animal mints leafly as their finishing strain. Because it usually ends an evening with a powerful high that can quickly put users to sleep if they are looking for something potent and effective.

However, animal mints strain leafly also has a low level of CBD, which makes it less likely to induce couchlock. And animal mint strain leaves are also famous for giving smokers giggles and nausea symptoms when taken too often over short periods. Animal kush mints strain can describe as smelling like wet grass clippings mixed with menthol cough drops. And the taste will vary depending on whether your source has had any lime trimming done.

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