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Animal Face Strain: The Best Strain for Weed Lovers

animal face strain

The Animal Face strain, also famous as Animal Face Leafly, has much potential as one of the best animal face weed strains for animal lovers to try. A look at its history, effects, aroma, and side effects to see what makes it appealing to those who want the perfect stoner animal face og sitting experience.

About animal face strain

animal face weed

Animal face strain is a hybrid cross of Trainwreck and OG Kush. While it’s taken a bit to rise in popularity. Weed users who love high THC strains say animal face og strain has reached its peak and will continue to do so. What does animal face strain look like? Animal face strain looks like fat, sticky orange nugs with brown hairs around it. Its smoke tastes earthy and sweet, with notes of pine underneath. What is animal face good for? It helps treat chronic pain, stress disorders, nausea/indigestion issues. And muscle spasms while boosting your mood due to its high THC content (18-25%). Does animal og have thc? Animal face strain review contains 15% THC and 2% CBD.

It also has a low CBN level, which means you can enjoy animal face without experiencing sedative effects. And more clearheaded thinking than you would with other cannabis strains. Animal face cookies: Animal face cookies are made from animal face flowers mixed with sugar, butter, egg yolks, and vanilla extract. Animal face cookies are one of many cannabis edibles available on Leafly. They’re made by combining potent marijuana flowers or concentrate with butter or oil. And then adding sugar before baking into cookie dough balls that can be eaten raw or cooked into cookies.

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How To Grow The Animal Face Strain?

animal face strain indica or sativa

If you are planning to grow cannabis and would like to start with the Animal Face weed strain. Animal Face is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain with a rather high THC content, so those sensitive to marijuana should approach it with caution. While there’s no telling how potent an individual batch of Animal Face will be, you’ll want to harvest between 9 and 10 weeks after flowering to get some good results out of it. It also helps if you stick it in an area with plenty of direct sunlight or supplement its natural light supply with some grow lights. So next, find a large enough space to fit your plants and function as your growing operation. The space size will vary depending on how many plants you want to grow and whether you will grow them inside or outside.

You will need to get everything you need to grow your plant, including soil, sunlight, and tools. Cannabis plants require a lot of maintenance, and a lot of work goes into growing and harvesting them successfully. You can find loads of online videos discussing the various tools and equipment you need and helpful tips. After you have the basics, research your particular strain to ensure it doesn’t have any special requirements for growth. The Animal Face strain is a wonderful plant for indoors. It takes about 9-10 weeks to flower, has a medium-sized yield, and flowers to about a medium-high height.

Appearance and Smell

animal face strain effects

Animal face weed strain has a relatively simple scent, hinting at something earthy. It is typically mixed with tangy lemon and a sweet skunk aroma. The effects are rather mellow but not dull. You can expect to get high from smoking marijuana even though you won’t feel any extra buzzing or psychedelic moments like you would when using animal og strains. But don’t let that discourage you cannabis strain still packs an effective punch despite its simplicity. Animal face weed strain grows tall enough to around 16 inches or more and produces large sticky buds full of little orange hairs, giving it its animal strain appearance.

Animal face weed strain may be one of those marijuana strains that don’t look all too appealing at first glance, but once you smoke it. You will find yourself in complete awe! Animal face cannabis strain comes in two phenotypes—one being Sativa dominant and another being indica dominant. Both phenotypes have similar characteristics, and both produce very powerful results. However, some users claim animal face strain indica or Sativa dominant is slightly more euphoric than animal face indica dominant, which tends to have a higher sedative effect on users.

How does this strain make you feel?

animal face og strain

The Animal Face Strain Make You Feel Euphoric and Happy. Animal face weed makes you feel very happy, euphoric, giggly, and creative. It’s a great strain to use if you have work to do. Or need a burst of creativity. Animal strain has a sweet smell and taste with earthy undertones reminiscent of freshly turned soil. This makes it an excellent choice for those who like to cook with cannabis. Because it can add to almost any dish without altering its flavor. Animal Face is also good for treating nausea and pain. Animal Face is a balanced hybrid with THC levels between 15% and 20%.

However, some people report feeling more relaxed than usual while using Animal Face. So, keep in mind that tolerance levels vary from person to person. Some people also report feeling anxious when using Animal Face, so make sure you start slow until you know how your body reacts to it. Animal Face has a 70% indica/30% Sativa ratio. Animal Og strain is one of Leafly’s Animal Og Strains. Which are hybrids bred specifically to appeal to animal lovers and pet owners?


animal face leafly

Animal face strain effects are more like that of indicas than sativas. For example, the animal face has been known to be a great choice for those who have insomnia or other sleep disorders. Animal Face is also an excellent choice for patients suffering from chronic pain. As it can help them relax and manage their discomfort without knocking them out entirely. And while Animal Face isn’t going to put you in a state of euphoria. It will help you feel happy and relaxed. As with most strains, however, your results may vary based on your tolerance level and method of consumption (i.e., smoking vs. eating). For example, if you smoke animals face the strain. You might feel extremely tired and couch-locked within just a few minutes.

This could be exactly what you need if you have a long day ahead! However, if you eat an animal face. You may not experience any significant effects until hours later. Regardless of how you consume animal face. One thing is certain: You won’t get high off of it. Animal Face contains very little THC content, and its CBD levels are even lower. Animal face Leafly strain contains such low levels of both cannabinoids that some experts don’t even consider it to be marijuana at all.

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