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A Review Of La Kush Cake Strain

la kush cake strain

La Kush Cake Strain is an Indica dominant hybrid strain that helps with Arthritis, Chronic Pain, and Depression. The effects of the La Kush Cake strain are euphoric and energetic, making it an excellent choice as a daytime medication. The Kush strain can produce both physical and mental effects that can last up to several hours, making it perfect for medical patients looking to combat the symptoms of multiple different conditions such as depression, pain, stress, and insomnia.

Users have also found that the Kush Cake strain helps with Muscle Spasms and Insomnia. So you want to know about the La Kush Cake Strain, eh? Well, let’s take a look at this particular strain of medical marijuana and see what it has to offer.

The appearance of La Kush Cake Strain

la kush cake

Looking at the La Kush Cake strain, it is a medium to dark green color. It seems like she must have been hanging out in front of some big tassels or something because her buds are covered in amber-colored trichomes. It reminds you of a Scout Cookie that has had too much cookie and comes home a little plump. The coloration on La Kush is not even throughout all of her buds. So you get some vibrant greens with lighter streaks running through them.

This plant seems to have such a unique look. Especially when you consider how similar most strains look these days. Each one seems more like one another than they do their original phenotype. When you look at a photo of La Kush cake. You can feel more intrigue than any other bud seen lately. And maybe it’s just me, but it looks kind of cute! This makes you want to pick it up and hold it close for protection.

Smellkush cake leafly

This is an intense strain for me. When you first take in some of that good la kush cake smell. You can feel It almost like you ran up to a patch of kush and just caught it in my face. The smell was very herbal and earthy, with a hint of sweetness. It also had a slight mint smell to it. It wasn’t overpowering at all, though, which is good since you may not want any extra odors in your home. That being said, if you have company over, they’re going to smell something!

No worries, though, because you can see some trichomes on these buds. There’s no nose-tingling skunk smell or anything else funky. Don’t worry about anyone smelling cheese here either! I know a lot of people don’t like that cannabis smell. I don’t mind it but understand why others would. You won’t need to worry about that with la kush cake strain, though, because it doesn’t stink or does it taste bad. But we’ll get into flavor later on in another section.


Overall, It was pleasantly by how well-balanced, and tasty Kush Cake tasted. The flavor isn’t overpowering, but it does come through nicely in a delicious blend of earthy, kush notes. The aftertaste is sweet and clean, with some lingering notes that aren’t overwhelming or unpleasant. Overall, kush cake Leafly gives you an excellent high characterized by head-heavy effects. Like euphoria and a positive mood lift. There is also a noticeable relaxing feeling throughout your body, as if your muscles have turned to jelly. It is great for unwinding at night or taking stress off during workdays.

If la kush cake strain were a food, people would describe it as pastries – think apple pie type flavors. It has hints of baking goods but is not strong enough to make you feel like eating actual food. That’s what makes Kush Cake such a perfect strain when you don’t want to get hungry while medicating.

Effects of La Kush Cake Strain

kush cake

In short, it’s a moderately potent indica with a sweet, berry flavor. Aside from its potency, the La Kush cake strain is most famous for its kush aroma. It’s hard to describe—kind of like a mixture of berries and chemicals. Not your classic marijuana smell. Luckily, if you enjoy Kush cannabis strains, you should love kush cakes strain. There was no paranoia or anxiety from smoking it. You feel very mellow while watching Bob Ross on Netflix. It was a relaxing way to end the weekend!

At first, as far as effects go, they are euphoric but don’t last long. It is just enough time for some lazy R&R. This strain could be suitable for chronic pain sufferers looking for an effective but low-key treatment. If you prefer more talkative effects. There are more energetic strains out there that may be more suitable. But they probably won’t leave you feeling quite as zen as La Kush did! With THC levels up to 20%, Kush cake has a high potential to cause dry mouth and cottonmouth. You will want to make sure you have a nice glass of water or tea on hand, so your throat stays nice while vaping or smoking.

Duration of La Kush Cake Strain

kush cake strain

Until It Gets You High, Then It Doesn’t Work. The sample size was tiny and looked like it was a new sample. So you may not feel very optimistic but want to give it a try. As soon as you get home and ground up the selection, you can try to break up an end piece of the bud. But it would not break into smaller pieces. If you want to find out why you may have similar problems, keep reading for more information on the la kush cake strain review. It will help you figure out if it is worth buying or if you should save your money by finding a different kind. You may even be able to take some outstanding lessons from what other people think about their experience with kush cakes strain.


La kush cake strain smells like urine. It has a bitter, harsh flavor that’s tough to get through. I had to hold my breath and swallow it down to get it out of my mouth. Its body high isn’t very noticeable until about 45 minutes after you smoke it. And then, it doesn’t make much sense; there is no full-body high at all or any kush cake strain effect at all. I felt a little more space than usual. But it is not stone so much as numb. This is honestly not what I was looking for in an Indica strain. La kush cake strain is supposed to calm you down and relax you.

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