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A Comprehensive Review of Georgia Pie Strain

georgia pie strain

The Georgia Pie strain is popular among cannabis users with its unique and powerful properties. Therefore these qualities make it one of the most sought-after marijuana strains. In addition, it is a new marijuana strain growing in popularity due to its potent effects and delicious scent. As such, many cannabis users are looking to learn more about this strain and its effects on the human body and mind. So read this comprehensive review to find out more about this strain and why you should try it.

An Overview of Georgia Pie Strain:

cookies georgia pie wax

Georgia pie strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain originating from California and Arizona. This delicious strain delivers happy, euphoric effects perfect for social situations and creative activities. Bred by Cookie Fam Genetics, Georgia Pie crosses Girl Scout Cookies and Strawberry Cough. Its genetics are famous for providing users with an energy boost that can last for hours.

Similar to its name, Georgia Pie smells strongly of a freshly bake dessert – think peanut butter cookies with cherry pie filling! However, you can also detect undertones of earthy pine-like you’d smell on Christmas morning while walking through an evergreen forest. Enjoy these treats while you can because they are most effective in small doses! In short, the Georgia Pie strain provides a blissful mood elevation without delivering too strong of an energetic kick.

In recent years, it recognize as one of those strains that can be helpful when dealing with chronic pain, stress, or depression. However, unlike many other strains out there that make you feel tire after consumption. Georgia Pie will give you enough energy to get moving again while leaving your mind free to focus on more important things at hand.

The history of Georgia Pie Strain:

george pie strain

One of Georgia Pie’s parent strains is Cookies. It’s rumored to be a cross between Sensi Star and OG Kush. Its lineage remains unconfirmed. We know that it produces light-green buds speckle with orange hairs. When you smoke it, these flowers have a sweet taste with undertones of chocolate and spice. The buzz is euphoric and motivating, leaving you ready to take on whatever comes your way. Perfect for social situations, the Georgia pie weed strain also delivers potent pain relief from chronic aches and stress and anxiety relief. In contrast, it is relaxing enough for nighttime use. Its uplifting effects make it perfect for daytime medicinal use as well. Add Georgia Pie strain to your lineup today!

The genetics:

georgia pie weed strain

The most outstanding aspect of Georgia Pie is its genetics. Which consist primarily of Georgia pie cookies and some Blueberry with a small percentage derived from OG Kush and Purple Urkle. While it does not test for THC content yet, what is known is that it has high amounts of CBD. This means it induces a body buzz instead of one that lands on your head and makes you feel like floating on clouds. This particular trait makes the Georgia pie strain ideal for medical marijuana patients. Who needs something to relieve pain but don’t want to knock out by their medicine.

Patients will find Georgia pie weed strains helps in other ailments as well, such as depression, anxiety, stress, and even insomnia. Therefore, making Georgia Pie weed strains perfect for relief from chronic pain or those who want to relax at night after a long day at work. These effects also make cannabis with characteristics prevalent among recreational users who enjoy smoking as an occasional treat or social lubricant. In short, Georgia pie cookies are fantastic, which provide relief no matter if you are suffering from chronic pain or have occasional aches and pains.

Cultivation Tips:

georgia pie cookies

The plant takes anywhere from eight to nine weeks or more than 65 days from start to finish. So indoor growers have time to live in a state where growing weed without a permit is legal. Unfortunately, this also means outdoors growers will be forced to find somewhere sheltered until later spring or early summer when weather conditions will be optimal for growth. It may also be an excellent idea to vegetate indoors before taking off plants outside. Since such a long maturation period could put them at risk during harsh conditions.

However, those who can grow Georgia pie strain outdoors in areas. As California, Colorado, and Washington State may harvest the first crop in September after about four months of flowering. In other outdoor climates, it’s probably best to wait until late October or November. But always check local regulations before planting your marijuana seeds legally! To add even more haze to cultivation circumstances are its genetics. While their name suggests, an Indica heritage George pie strain is a hybrid. Mainly Sativa dominant with hints of some Afghani indicas in their lineage genes.

Tastes Like:

cookies georgia pie

Cookies and pine. Some people report a resemblance to blueberry muffins as well. The smell often describe as sweet, earthy, and peppery with a hint of something citrus-like at times. Occasionally users will notice hints of lavender or cinnamon in the smell, as for taste. Cookies Georgia pie wax typically reports being sweet with an earthy flavor that lingers on your tongue long after consuming it. Several smokers even go so far as to say that consuming Georgia Pie strain leaves them tasting cookies in their mouth afterward. No matter what they eat or drink later.

The high hits hard and fast, leading some consumers to describe its effects as rude. This would make sense given that one of its primary terpenes is Myrcene. Which increases THC absorption when combine. If you don’t have experience with smoking marijuana strains high in Myrcene. It can lead to feelings of dizziness and disorientation. The high from Georgia Pie strain can also last up to two hours before slowly wearing off over time.

Georgia Pie Strain Looks like:

A hybrid cross between Cookies and Tahoe OG, georgia strain is a Sativa-dominant strain that smells like cherries with undertones of skunk. This strain has red and pink hues on its leaves. Georgia Pie’s buds have short, but wide leaflets accent bright orange hairs. Its trichomes are more sparse than Tahoe OG, giving it a less dense look overall. However, branches coat in resin that produces an abundance of citrusy terpenes and some floral scents. When you break apart a nugget from this flower. Its light green shade can be seen, and black spiky crystal trichomes give off an earthy scent when combusted or vaporized.

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