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7 Incredible facts about Stardawg Strain

stardawg strain

Stardawg strain, also known as star dog weed, originated in California, USA, and dates back to the 1970s. This Sativa dominant strain is most popular among recreational users who like to relax with friends and enjoy their time outside. Stardawg cannabis strain is mainly used for recreational purposes by recreational users and shouldn’t be used by patients suffering from depression, anxiety, or other mental disorders. The THC content of this strain ranges from 15% to 20% on average, while the CBD content ranges from 0.1% to 0.2%. Here are seven facts about star dawg weed strain.

Stardawg strain:

stardawg weed

The most noticeable trait of the Stardawg strain is its strength and medicinal value. Due to high THC content, it’s not recommended for beginners to smoke weed. But if you’re a regular smoker and would like to experience extreme euphoria, then choose the stardog cannabis strain. There are some side effects of stardog weed strain, such as rapid heartbeat, difficulty breathing, and dry mouth that last for a short time only. One can take deep breaths while smoking stardog weed and drink water afterward to prevent these symptoms. Some people also consume tobacco with stardog cannabis strain, but it isn’t recommended because tobacco has higher health risks than marijuana. You may want to try bhang lassi or starbud-choco (tincture) instead. Those who have consumed stardog strain feel calmer and more optimistic about life in general, thus making them very productive during daytime hours.

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THC content ranges from 8-18%, and it’s no wonder why Stardawg is a popular strain of cannabis. This solid and potent marijuana plant has gained popularity over time due to its excellent potency, pleasant aroma, and ability to deliver quick-acting effects in users. Its leaves are dark green with red accents and a thick layer of sugar crystals on its surface. Its flowers feature red hairs, which look somewhat like a peach fuzz but turn golden brown when dried out.

The smell is reminiscent of citrus fruits with undertones of spices that can easily be noticed when smoking or consuming tinctures. Here are seven facts about star dog weed. The Stardawg strain was created by mixing an unknown Sativa and Indica hybrid cultivar with Jack Herer genetics. Due to its lineage, expect it to give you both heady cerebral high and sedative body high. Sativas have higher tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels, while indicas give you more cerebral effects.

Positive Effects:

This strain is perfect for a relaxing time and for keeping you in a creative mood. The effects make your body very mellow and lazy, but your mind keeps going. This allows you to socialize with friends, write poetry or listen to music, play video games and watch movies. All in all, it’s an excellent strain for creativity and watching movies/TV shows, listening to music, or playing games. Your train of thought gets more precise with the use of star dawg strain. It’s easy to talk more freely on one too. The best thing is when you get tired of talking, though: stardog weed will put you right out.

Beginner Friendly:

star dawg strain

One of many reasons the stardawg strain is so popular among novice cannabis consumers is that it’s a particularly mellow weed strain. It also tastes relatively mild, especially when compared to other Sativa-dominant solid strains. And provides a friendly, uplifting high that makes socialization especially enjoyable. Moreover, smokers will appreciate how easily star dawg bud burns. Even when rolled into large joints or smoked from pipes and bongs. Which means less wasted product. Heavy users may find themselves needing to smoke more than usual, but with good reason. After smoking star dog weed for a few hours, you might feel like taking a nap.

Medicinal Properties

The medicinal properties of the stardawg weed strain have been verified to be highly effective. Many users have reported that it was able to help reduce their appetite. Cannabis is also great for helping with insomnia which helps users get a good night’s rest and, in turn. Feel better and more alert throughout the day. Combining these two traits makes stardawg strain weed strain a good fit for people looking to lose weight. Either through healthier eating or better sleep habits. And some people just like getting high – stardog weed is great for that too! If you enjoy cannabis but don’t want to smoke it, you can always try edibles, tinctures, or salves instead.

Flavor & Aroma:

star dog weed

The flavor of stardawg is smooth and earthy with an undercurrent of sweetness. Not surprisingly, its aroma is reportedly quite sweet, as well. You can expect a nice floral flavor from stardawg strain that will last throughout your high; it’s not uncommon for Sativa-dominant strains to carry through their head effects as well. The smell of stardawg isn’t typically powerful enough to get you in trouble with neighbors. Or even nearby law enforcement officers (although your mileage may vary). Still, it should give you a pleasant taste before you smoke it for another reason.

Appearance & Size:

The bud of the Stardawg cannabis strain is a unique hybrid in its appearance and structure. The flower has long hairs and some orange and red pistils, making it enjoyable to look at. In addition, it also has a fluffy texture. The buds are moderately thick and large and significant for sharing with friends or using as your supply! It isn’t very sticky compared to other weed strains; however, it does leave you with an oily feeling when handled. It doesn’t give off a strong odor when smoked or vaporized by itself as some other strains do.

Growing Tips:


When growing stardawg weed strain, make sure to watch out for mold. This is a very mold-sensitive weed strain. So you have to be careful with watering and make sure your soil is well-drained. The aroma of stardawg is somewhat reminiscent of pineapples and skunk. You can expect an uplifting and energetic high when consuming star dawg marijuana strain. This particular cannabis plant has a relatively short flowering period, coming in at about seven weeks. Buds on this weed strain tend to be dense and sticky. With pale green hairs covered in tiny crystal resin glands from top to bottom. If you’re looking for a powerful body high, star dawg cannabis may just hit it out of the park.

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